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July 6, 2011

Russia publishes list of terror sponsors

Russia has made public a previously confidential list of people and organizations foun\d to be involved in laundering money and funding terrorism.

­The list of individuals and companies convicted of involvement in financing terrorism was published by the government-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper on Wednesday.

The document consists of two parts. The first part, based on official UN indexes and presented by the Russian Foreign Ministry, includes foreign individuals and international organizations. The second, from the Russian Ministry of Justice, gives the names of individuals and organizations linked to Russia.

The list includes such international terrorist organizations as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad or Al- Qaeda. The first part contains 104 organizations and 401 individuals; the second has 46 organizations and 1,510 individuals.

Russia’s most wanted terrorist Doku Umarov, who claimed responsibility for the recent deadly blasts at Domodedovo International Airport and in the Moscow Metro, has also been listed.

In March this year, Umarov was placed on the UN Security Council list of the most wanted terrorists, which deals with sanctions against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as well as against people closely linked to these groups. President Barack Obama pledged $5 million 2in return for .;information on Umarov’s whereabouts.

All individuals on the list were convicted by the court on terrorism-related charges. The names of those who are only suspected of involvement in extremism and terrorism have not been revealed.

Since June 30, all defendants who stand trial on charges of terrorism and extremism will now also be included in the list.

To be stricken off the list is possible if a person or organization is officially recognized not to be involved in terrorist activities or on the individual’s death.

1. ABU SAYYAF GROUP (Al Harakat Al Islamiyya)*.

2. AFGHAN SUPPORT COMMITTEE (ASC) (Lajnat Ul Masa Eidatul Afghania; Jamiat Ayat-Ur-Rhas Al Islamiac; Jamiat Ihya Ul Turath Al Islamia; Ahya Ul Turas)*; Office Locations: Headquarters – G.T. Road (probably Grand Trunk Road), near Pushtoon Garhi Pabbi, Peshawar, Pakistan; Cheprahar Hadda, Mia Omar Sabaqah School, Jalabad, Afghanistan.

3. AL BARAKA EXCHANGE L.L.C.*; P.O. BOX 3313 Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates; P.O. Box 20066, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Reported to be owned or controlled by Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’Ale (QI.J.41.01).

4. AL FURQAN (Dzemilijati Furkan; Dzem’ijjetul Furqan; Association for Citizens Rights and Resistance to Lies; Dzemijetul Furkan; Association of Citizens for the Support of Truth and Suppression of Lies; Sirat; Association for Education, Culture and Building Society-Sirat; Association for Education, Cultural, and to Create Society-Sirat; Istikamet; In Siratel; Citizens’ Association for Support and Prevention of lies – Furqan)*; 30a Put Mladih Muslimana (ex. Pavla Lukaca Street), 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 42 Muhameda Hadzijahica, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 70 and 53 Strosmajerova Street, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 72 ul. Strossmajerova, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Zlatnih Ljiljana Street, Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a citizens’ association under the name of “Citizens’ Association for Support and Prevention of lies – Furqan” on 26 Sep. 1997. Al Furqan ceased its work by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation (decision number 03-054-286/97 dated 8 Nov. 2002). Al Furqan was no longer in existence as at Dec. 2008.

5. AL RASHID TRUST (Al-Rasheed Trust; Al Rasheed Trust; Al-Rashid Trust; Aid Organization of the Ulema, Pakistan; Al Amin Welfare Trust; Al Amin Trust; Al Ameen Trust; Al-Ameen Trust; Al Madina Trust; Al-Madina Trust)*; 302b-40, Good Earth Court, Opposite Pia Planitarium, Block 13a, Gulshan -l Igbal, Karachi, Pakistan; Phone 4979263; 617 Clifton Center, Block 5, 6th Floor, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan; Phone 587-2545; Jamia Maajid, Sulalman Park, Melgium Pura, Lahore, Pakistan; Jamia Masjid, Sulaiman Park, Begum Pura, Lahore, Pakistan; Phone 042-6812081; Kitab Ghar, Darul Ifta Wal Irshad, Nazimabad No. 4, Karachi, Pakistan, Phone 6683301; Phone 0300-8209199; Fax 6623814; Kitas Ghar, Nazimabad 4, Dahgel-Iftah, Karachi, Pakistan; Office Dha’rbi-M’unin ZR Brothers, Katcherry Road, Chowk Yadgaar, Peshawar, Pakistan; Office Dha’rbi-M’unin, Opposite Khyber Bank, Abbottabad Road, Mansehra, Pakistan; Office Dha’rbi-M’unin, Rm No. 3, Moti Plaza, Near Liaquat Bagh, Muree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan; Office Dha’rbi-M’unin, Top Floor, Dr. Dawa Khan Dental Clinic Surgeon, Main Baxae, Mingora, Swat, Pakistan; j) 605 Landmark Plaza, 11 Chundrigar Road, Opposite Jang Building, Karachi, Pakistan; Phone 2623818-19. Headquarters are in Pakistan. Operations in Afghanistan: Herat Jalalabad, Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar Sherif. Also operations in Kosovo, Chechnya. Has two account numbers (No. 05501741 and No. 06500138) in Habib Bank Ltd. (Foreign Exchange Branch), Pakistan. Involved in the financing of Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Until 21 Oct. 2008, this entity appeared also as “Aid Organization of the Ulema, Pakistan” under permanent reference number QE.A.73.02., listed on 24 Apr. 2002 and amended on 25 Jul. 2006. Based on information confirming that the two entries Al Rashid Trust (QE.A.5.01.) and Aid Organization of the Ulema, Pakistan (QE.A.73.02.) refer to the same entity, the Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee decided on 21 Oct. 2008 to consolidate the relevant information contained in both entries in the present entry.

6. AL-AKHTAR TRUST INTERNATIONAL (Al Akhtar Trust; Al-Akhtar Medical Centre; Akhtarabad Medical Camp; Pakistan Relief Foundation; Pakistani Relief Foundation; Azmat-e-Pakistan Trust; Azmat Pakistan Trust)*; Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Block 12, Karachi, Pakistan; ST-1/A, Gulsahn-e-Iqbal, Block 2, Karachi, 25300, Pakistan. Regional offices in Pakistan: Bahawalpur, Bawalnagar, Gilgit, Islamabad, Mirpur Khas, Tando-Jan-Muhammad. Akhtarabad Medical Camp is in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan.

7. AL-BARAKAAT*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia.


9. AL-BARAKAAT WIRING SERVICE*; 2940 Pillsbury Avenue, Suite 4, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408.

10. AL-BARAKAT BANK OF SOMALIA (BSS) (Barakat Bank of Somalia)*; Mogadishu, Somalia; Bossaso, Somalia.

11. AL-BARAKAT FINANCE GROUP*; Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia.

12. AL-BARAKAT FINANCIAL HOLDING CO.*; Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia.

13. AL-BARAKAT GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS (Barakaat Globetelcompany; Al Barakat Telecommunications Ltd.)*; P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE; Mogadishu, Somalia; Hargeysa, Somalia.

14. AL-BARAKAT GROUP OF COMPANIES SOMALIA LIMITED (Al-Barakat Financial Company)*; Mogadishu, Somalia; P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

15. AL-BARAKAT INTERNATIONAL (Baraco Co.)*; P.O. Box 2923, Dubai, UAE.

16. AL-BARAKAT INVESTMENTS*; P.O. Box 3313, Deira, Dubai, UAE.

17. AL-HAMATI SWEETS BAKERIES*; Al-Mukallah, Hadhramawt Governorate, Yemen.

18. AL-HARAMAIN & AL MASJED AL-AQSA CHARITY FOUNDATION (Al Haramain Al Masjed Al Aqsa; Al Haramayn Al Masjid Al Aqsa; Al-Haramayn and Al Masjid Al Aqsa Charitable Foundation; Al Harammein Al Masjed Al-Aqsa Charity Foundation)*; 14 Bihacka Street, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2A Hasiba Brankovica, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Описание: Branch Address; 64 Potur mahala Street, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Used to be officially registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina under registry number 24. Al-Haramain & Al Masjed Al-Aqsa Charity Foundation ceased its work by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation (decision on cessation of operation number 03-05-2-203/04). It was no longer in existence as at Dec. 2008. Its premises and humanitarian activities were transferred under Government supervision to a new entity called Sretna Buducnost.

19. AL-HARAMAIN FOUNDATION (Indonesia) (Yayasan Al-Manahil-Indonesia)*; Jalan Laut Sulawesi Blok DII/4, Kavling Angkatan Laut Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur 13440 Indonesia; Tel: 021-86611265 and 021-86611266; Fax: 021-8620174; Jl. Jati padang II, No. 18-A, Jakarta Selatan 12540, Indonsia. Tel. 021-789-2870, fax 021-780-0188. Lembaga Pelayanan Pesantren & Studi Islam.

20. AL-HARAMAIN FOUNDATION (Pakistan)*; House # 279, Nazimuddin Road, F-10/1, Islamabad, Pakistan.

21. AL-HARAMAIN FOUNDATION (UNION OF THE COMOROS)*; 1652 Moroni, Union of the Comoros.

22. AL-HARAMAIN FOUNDATION (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)*; 1257 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR 97520, United States of America; 2151 E Division St., Springfield, MO 65803, United States of America; 3800 Highway 99 S, Ashland, OR 97520, United States of America. The United States-based branch of Al-Haramain Foundation was formally established by Suliman Hamd Suleiman al-Buthe (QI.A.179.04) and another associate in 1997. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 19 Oct. 2009.

23. AL-HARAMAIN ISLAMIC FOUNDATION (Vazir; Vezir)*; 64 Poturmahala, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Under criminal investigation by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina as of Nov. 2007. Employees and associates include Najib Ben Mohamed Ben Salem Al-Waz (listed under permanent reference number QI.A.104.03.) and Safet Durguti (listed under permanent reference number QI.D.153.03.).



26. AL-HARAMAIN: ALBANIA BRANCH*; Irfan Tomini Street, # 58, Tirana, Albania.

27. AL-HARAMAIN: BANGLADESH BRANCH*; House 1, Road 1, S-6, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

28. AL-HARAMAIN: ETHIOPIA BRANCH*; Woreda District 24 Kebele Section 13, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

29. AL-HARAMAIN: THE NETHERLANDS BRANCH (Stichting Al Haramain Humanitarian Aid)*; Jan Hanzenstraat 114, 1053SV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

30. AL-HARAMAYN FOUNDATION (KENYA)*; Dadaab, Kenya; Garissa, Kenya; Nairobi, Kenya.

31. AL-HARAMAYN FOUNDATION (TANZANIA)*; P.O. Box. 3616; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Singida; Tanga.

32. AL-ITIHAAD AL-ISLAMIYA / AIAI*; Reported to operate in Somalia and Ethiopia. Leadership includes Hassan Abdullah Hersi Al-Turki (listed under permanent reference number QI.A.172.04.) and Hassan Dahir Aweys (listed under permanent reference number QI.D.42.01.).

33. AL-NUR HONEY PRESS SHOPS (Al-Nur Honey Center)*; Sanaa, Yemen. Established by Mohamed Mohamed A-Hamati from Hufash district, El Mahweet Governerate, Yemen.

34. AL-QAIDA (“The Base”; Al Qaeda; Islamic Salvation Foundation; The Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites; The Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Places; The World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders; Usama Bin Laden Network; Usama Bin Laden Organization; Al Qa’ida; Islamic Army)*.

35. AL-QAIDA IN IRAQ (AQI; al-Tawhid; the Monotheism and Jihad Group; Qaida of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers; Al-Qaida of Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers; The Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers; The Organization Base of Jihad/Country of the Two Rivers; The Organization Base of Jihad/Mesopotamia; Tanzim Qa’idat Al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn; Tanzeem Qa’idat al Jihad/Bilad al Raafidaini; Jama’at Al-Tawhid Wa’al-Jihad; JTJ; Islamic State of Iraq; ISI; al-Zarqawi network)*.

36. AL-QAIDA IN THE ARABIAN PENINSULA (AQAP) (Al-Qaida of Jihad Organization in the Arabian Peninsula; Tanzim Qa idat al-Jihad fi Jazirat al-Arab; Al-Qaida Organization in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP); Al-Qaida in the South Arabian Peninsula; Al-Qaida in Yemen (AQY)*; AQAP is a regional affiliate of Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01) and an armed group operating primarily in Arabian Peninsula. Location: Yemen. Alternative location: Saudi Arabia (2004 – 2006). Formed in Jan. 2009 when Al-Qaida in Yemen combined with Saudi Arabian Al-Qaida operatives. Leader of AQAP is Nasir ‘abd-al-Karim ‘Abdullah Al-Wahishi (QI.A.274.10.) and his deputy is Said Ali Al-Shihri (QI.A.275.10.).

37. AL-SHABAAB (Al-Shabab; Shabaab; The Youth; Mujahidin Al-Shabaab Movement; Mujahideen Youth Movement; Mujahidin Youth Movement; MYM; Harakat Shabab Al-Mujahidin; Hizbul Shabaab; Hisb’ul Shabaab; Al-Shabaab Al-Islamiya; Youth Wing; Al-Shabaab Al-Islaam; Al-Shabaab Al-Jihaad; The Unity of Islamic Youth; Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujaahidiin; Harakatul Shabaab Al Mujaahidiin; Mujaahidiin Youth Movement)*; Somalia.

38. AL-SHIFA, HONEY PRESS FOR INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE*; P.O. Box 8089, Al-Hasabah, Sanaa, Yemen; By The Shrine Next To The Gas Station, Jamal Street, Ta iz, Yemen; Al- Arudh Square, Khur Maksar, Aden, Yemen; Al-Nasr Street, Doha, Qatar.

39. ANSAR AL-ISLAM (Devotees of Islam; Jund Al-Islam; Soldiers of Islam; Kurdistan Supporters of Islam; Supporters of islam in Kurdistan; Followers of Islam in Kurdistan; Kurdish Taliban; Soldiers of God; Ansar Al-Sunna Army; Jaish Ansar Al-Sunna; Ansar Al-Sunna)*; Associated with Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01.) and Al-Qaida in Iraq (QE.J.115.04). Located and primarily active in northern Iraq but maintains a presence in western and central Iraq.

40. ARMED ISLAMIC GROUP (Al Jamm’ah Al-Islamiah Al-Musallah; GIA; Groupement Islamique Arme)*; Algeria.

41. ASAT TRUST REG.*; Altenbach 8, 9490 Vaduz Fl, Liechtenstein.

42. ASBAT AL-ANSAR*; Ein el-Hilweh camp, Lebanon.

43. BA TAQWA FOR COMMERCE AND REAL ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED (Hochburg AG; c/o Asat Trust reg.)*; Vaduz, Liechtenstein; (formerly c/o Astat Trust reg.).

44. BARAKAAT BANK OF SOMALIA (Barakaat Bank of Somalia Ltd.; Baraka Bank of Somalia; Barakat Banks and Remittances)*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Reported to be owned or controlled by Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’Ale (QI.J.41.01).

45. BARAKAAT BOSTON*; 266 Neponset Avenue, Apt. 43, Dorchester, Massachusetts 02122-3224, United States of America.


47. BARAKAAT GROUP OF COMPANIES*; Mogadishu, Somalia.

48. BARAKAAT INTERNATIONAL, INC.*; 1929 South 5th Street, Suite 205, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America.

49. BARAKAAT NORTH AMERICA, INC.*; 925 Washington Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States of America; Inc., 925 Washington Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts; 2019 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

50. BARAKAAT RED SEA TELECOMMUNICATIONS*; Bossaso, Somalia; Nakhiil, Somalia; Huruuse, Somalia; Raxmo, Somalia; Ticis, Somalia; Kowthar, Somalia; Noobir, Somalia; Bubaarag, Somalia; Gufure, Somalia; Xuuxuule, Somalia; Ala Aamin, Somalia; Guureeye, Somalia; Najax, Somalia; Carafaat, Somalia.

51. BARAKAAT TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO. SOMALIA, LTD.*; P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE. Reported to be owned or controlled by Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’Ale (QI.J.41.01).

52. BARAKAAT WIRE TRANSFER COMPANY*; 4419 South Brandon Street, Seattle, Washington, United States of America.



55. BARAKAT GLOBAL TELEPHONE COMPANY*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia.

56. BARAKAT INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES (BICO)*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia.


58. BARAKAT REFRESHMENT COMPANY*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia.

59. BARAKAT TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIMITED (BTELCO)*; Bakara Market, Dar Salaam Building, Mogadishu, Somalia. Office closed and defunct in the Netherlands as at Aug. 2009.

60. BARAKO TRADING COMPANY, LLC (Baraka Trading Company)*; P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE. Until 23 Mar. 2009 this entity was also listed as Baraka Trading Company (QE.B.54.01). Reported to be owned or controlled by Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’Ale (QI.J.41.01).

61. BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION (Al Bir Al Dawalia; BIF-USA; Mezhdunarodnyj blagotvoritl’nyl Fond; BIF)*; 14) Tbilisi, Georgia; 15) Nazran, Ingushetia; 16) Burgemeester Kessensingel 40, Masstricht, Netherlands; 17) Stichting Benevolence International Nederland (A.K.A. Benevolence International Nederland, A.K.A. BIN). Radeborg 14B, 6228 CV Maastricht, Netherlands. Chamber of commerce registration: 14063277; 18) House 111, First Floor, Street 64, F-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan; 19) P.O. Box 1055, Peshawar, Pakistan; 20) Azovskaya 6, km. 3, off. 401, Moscow, Russia 113149; 21) Ulitsa Oktyabr”skaya, dom. 89, Moscow, Russia 127521; 22) P.O. Box 1937, Khartoum, Sudan; 23) P.O. Box 7600, Jeddah 21472, Saudi Arabia; 24) P.O. Box 10845, Riyadh 11442, Saudi Arabia; 25) Dushanbe, Tajikistan; 26) United Kingdom. Other locations of BIF Activities: 1) Afghanistan; 2) Bangladesh; 3) Gaza Strip; 4) Bosnia and Herzegovina; 5) Yemen; U.S. Locations: 1) 8820 Mobile Avenue, IA, Oak Lawn, Illinois, 60453 United States of America ; 2) P.O. Box 548, Worth, Illinois, 60482 United States of America; 3) (Formerly located at) 9838 S. Roberts Road, Suite 1W, Palos Hills, Illinois, 60465 United States of America; 4) (Formerly located at) 20-24 Branford Place, Suite 705, Newark, New Jersey, 07102 United States of America. Other Locations: 1) Bashir Safar Ugli 69, Baku, Azerbaijan; 2) 69 Boshir Safaroglu St., Baku, Azerbaijan; 3) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 4) Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 5) (Last known address) 3 King Street, South Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3Z6 Canada; 6) (Last known address) P.O. Box 1508 Station 1, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 4G2 Canada; 7) (Last known address) 2465 Cawthra Rd., #203, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 3P2 Canada; 8) Ottawa, Canada; 9) Grozny, Chechnya; 10) 91 Paihonggou, Lanzhou, Gansu, China 730000; 11) Hrvatov 30, 41000, Zagreb, Croatia; 12) Makhachkala, Daghestan; 13) Duisi, Georgia. Employer Identification Number (United States of America) 36-3823186.

62. BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FUND (Benevolent International Fund)*; Locations: 1) (Last known address) 2465 Cawthra Rd., Unit 203, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 3P2 Canada; 2) (Last known address) P.O. Box 1508, Station B, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 4G2 Canada; 3) (Last known address) P.O. Box 40015, 75 King Street South, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 4V1 Canada; 4) (Last known address) 92 King Street, 201, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 1P5 Canada.

63. BOSANSKA IDEALNA FUTURA (BIF-Bosnia; Bosnian Ideal Future)*; 1 Kanal Street, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 12 Salke Lagumdzije Street, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 16 Hakije Mazica Street, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 35 Hamze Celenke Street, Ilidza, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sehidska Street, Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosanska Idealna Futura was officially registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as an association and humanitarian organization under registry number 59. It was the legal successor of the Bosnia and Herzegovina offices of Benevolence International Foundation (listed under permanent reference number QE.B.93.02.), doing business as BECF Charitable Educational Center, Benevolence Educational Center. Bosanska Idealna Futura was no longer in existence as at Dec. 2008.

64. DJAMAT HOUMAT DAAWA SALAFIA (DHDS) (El-Ahouel; Djamaat Houmah Al-Dawah Al-Salafiat; Katibat el Ahouel)*; Located in western Algeria. A branch of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) (QE.A.6.01.) formed as a result of the break that occurred in 1996 when Afghanistan veteran Kada Benchikha Larbi decided to oppose the head of GIA. As at 1999, the group was led by Mohammed Benslim. Yahia Djouadi (QI.D.249.08) subsequently made DHDS part of the Organization of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (QE.T.14.01). Estimated in Nov. 2007 to comprise approx. 50 members. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 30 Jul. 2009.

65. EASTERN TURKISTAN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT (the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party; the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party of Allah; Islamic Party of Turkestan; Djamaat Turkistan)*.

66. EGYPTIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD (Egyptian al-Jihad; Jihad Group; New Jihad; Al-Jihad; Egyptian Islamic Movement)*.

67. GLOBAL RELIEF FOUNDATION (GRF) (Fondation Secours Mondial (FSM); Secours Mondial de France (SEMONDE); Fondation Secours Mondial – Belgique a.s.b.l.; Fondation Secours Mondial v.z.w.; Stichting Wereldhulp – Belgie v.z.w.; Fondation Secours Mondial – Kosova; Fondation Secours Mondial “World Relief”; FSM)*; 49 rue du Lazaret, 67100 Strasebourg, France; 9935 South 76th Avenue, Unit 1, Bridgeview, Illinois 60455, United States of America; House 267 Street No. 54, Sector F – 11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan; P.O. Box 1406, Bridgeview, Illinois 60455, United States of America; P.O. Box 6, 1040 Etterbeek 2, Brussels, Belgium; Rr. Skenderbeu 76, Lagjja Sefa, Gjakova, Kosovo; Rruga e Kavajes, Building No. 3, Apartment No. 61, P.O. Box 2892, Tirana, Albania; Rue des Bataves 69, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium; Vaatjesstraat, 29, 2580 Putte, Belgium; Ylli Morina Road, Djakovica, Kosovo. Other Foreign Locations: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Syria. Federal Employer Identification ( United States of America): 36-3804626. V.A.T. Number: BE 454,419,759. Belgian addresses incorrect: these are the addresses of Putte et Bruxelles de l association sans but lucratif since 1998.

68. HARAKAT UL JIHAD ISLAMI (HUJI; Movement of Islamic Holy War; Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami; Harkat-al-Jihad-ul Islami; Harkat-ul-Jehad-al Islami; Harakat ul Jihad-e-Islami; Harakat-ul-Ansar; HUA)*; Was established in Afganistan in 1980. In 1993, Harakat-ul Jihad Islami merged with Harakat ul-Mujahidin to from Harakat ul-Ansar. In 1997, Harakat-ul Jihad Islami split from Harakat ul-Ansar and resumed using its former name. Operations are in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

69. HARAKAT UL-MUJAHIDIN / HUM (al-Faran; Al-Hadid; Al-Hadith; Harakat ul-Ansar; HUA; Harakat ul-Mujahideen)*.


71. INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC RELIEF ORGANIZATION, INDONESIA, BRANCH OFFICE (International Islamic Relief Agency; International Relief Organization; Islamic Relief Organization; Islamic World Relief; International Islamic Aid Organization; Islamic Salvation Committee; The Human Relief Committee of the Muslim League; World Islamic Relief Organization; Al Igatha Al-Islamiya; Hayat al-Aghatha al-Islamia al-Alamiya; Hayat al-Igatha; Hayat Al-‘Igatha; Ighatha; Igatha; Igassa; Igasa; Igase; Egassa; IIRO)*; International Islamic Relief Organization, Indonesia Office; Jalan Raya Cipinang Jaya No. 90; East Jakarta, 13410, Indonesia; P.O. Box 3654; Jakarta 54021, Indonesia.

72. INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC RELIEF ORGANIZATION, PHILIPPINES, BRANCH OFFICES (International Islamic Relief Agency; International Relief Organization; Islamic Relief Organization; Islamic World Relief; International Islamic Aid Organization; Islamic Salvation Committee; The Human Relief Committee of the Muslim League; World Islamic Relief Organization; Al Igatha Al-Islamiya; Hayat al-Aghatha al-Islamia al-Alamiya; Hayat al-Igatha; Hayat Al-‘Igatha; Ighatha; Igatha; Igassa; Igasa; Igase; Egassa; IIRO)*; Basilan, Philippines; Cotabato City, Philippines; International Islamic Relief Organization, Philippines Office; 201 Heart Tower Building; 108 Valero Street; Salcedo Village, Makati City; Manila, Philippines; Marawi City, Philippines; Tawi Tawi, Philippines; Zamboanga City, Philippines.


74. ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL BRIGADE (IIB) (The Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade; The Islamic Peacekeeping Army; The International Brigade; Islamic Peacekeeping Battalion; Islamic Peacekeeping International Brigade; International Battalion)*.

75. ISLAMIC JIHAD GROUP (Jama’at al-Jihad; Jamiyat; Libyan Society; Kazakh Jama’at; Jamaat Mojahedin; Jamiat al-Jihad al-Islami; Dzhamaat Modzhakhedov; Islamic Jihad Group of Uzbekistan; al-Djihad al-Islami; Zamaat Modzhakhedov Tsentralnoy Asii; Islamic Jihad Union)*.


77. JAISH-I-MOHAMMED (Army of Moammed)*; Pakistan.

78. JAM’YAH TA’AWUN AL-ISLAMIA (Society of Islamic Cooperation; Jam’iyat al Ta’awun al Islamiyya; Jit)*; Qandahar City, Afghanistan.

79. JEMAAH ISLAMIYAH (Jema’ah Islamiyah; Jemaah Islamiya; Jemaah Islamiah; Jamaah Islamiyah; Jama’ah Islamiyah)*; The network in South-East Asia. Founded by the late Abdullah Sungkar.



82. LASHKAR-E-TAYYIBA (Lashkar-e-Toiba; Lashkar-i-Taiba; Army of the Righteous; Al Mansoorian; Al Mansooreen; Army of the Pure; Army of the Pure and Righteous; LET; Pasban-e-Kashmir; Paasban-I-Ahle-Hadith; Paasban-e-Kashmir; Pasban-e-Ahle-Hadith; Paasban-e-Ahle-Hadis; Pashan-e-ahle-Hadis; Lashkar e Tayyaba; Jamaat-ud-Dawa; JUD; Jama,at al-Dawa; Jamaat ud-Daawa; Jamaat ul-Dawah; Jamaat-ul-Dawa; Jama,at-i-Dawat; Jamaiat-ud-Dawa; Jama,at-ud-Da,awah; Jama,at-ud-Da,awa; Jamaati-ud-Dawa)*.



85. MAMOUN DARKAZANLI IMPORT-EXPORT COMPANY (Darkazanli Company; Darkazanli Export-Import Sonderposten)*; Uhlenhorsterweg 34 11 Hamburg, Germany.

86. MOROCCAN ISLAMIC COMBATANT GROUP (Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain; GICM)*.

87. MOVEMENT FOR REFORM IN ARABIA (Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia; MIRA; Al Islah (Reform); MRA; Al-Harakat al-Islamiyah lil-Islah; Islamic Movement for Reform; Movement for (Islamic) Reform in Arabia Ltd; Movement for Reform in Arabia Ltd)*;BM Box: MIRA, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom; Safiee Suite, EBC House, Townsend Lane, London, NW 9 8LL, United Kingdom. Email address:, Tel: 020 8452 0303, Fax: 020 8452 0808, UK Company number 03834450.

88. NADA INTERNATIONAL ANSTALT*; Vaduz, Liechtenstein; (formerly c/o Asat Trust reg.). Liquidated and deleted from Commercial Registry.

89. PARKA TRADING COMPANY*; P.O. Box 3313, Deira, Dubai, UAE.

90. RABITA TRUST*; Room 9a, 2nd Floor, Wahdat Road, Education Town, Lahore, Pakistan; Wares Colony, Lahore, Pakistan.

91. RAJAH SOLAIMAN MOVEMENT (Rajah Solaiman Islamic Movement; Rajah Solaiman Revolutionary Movement)*;Barangay Mal-Ong, Anda, Pangasinan Province, Philippines; Number 50, Purdue Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines; Sitio Dueg, Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac Province, Philippines. Had its office at the Fi-Sabilillah Da’awa and Media Foundation Incorporated at number 50, Purdue Street, Cubao, Quezon City, which is also the residence of the entity’s founder, Hilarion Del Rosario Santos III (listed under permanent reference number QI.S.244.08.). Associated with the Abu Sayyaf Group (listed under permanent reference number QE.A.1.01.) and Jemaah Islamiyah (listed under permanent reference number QE.J.92.02.) including explosives training and other support for terrorist attacks in the Philippines in 2004 and 2005. Received funding from the International Islamic Relief Organization, Philippines, branch offices (listed under permanent reference number QE.I.126.06.) through Khadafi Abubakar Janjalani (listed under permanent reference number QI.J.180.04.).

92. RED SEA BARAKAT COMPANY LIMITED*; Bakaara Market, Mogadishu, Somalia.

93. REVIVAL OF ISLAMIC HERITAGE SOCIETY (Jamiat Ihia Al-Turath Al-Islamiya; Revival of Islamic Society Heritage on the African Continent; Jamia Ihya ul Turath; RIHS)*;Afghanistan; Pakistan. NOTE: Only the Pakistan and Afghanistan offices of this entity are hereby designated.

94. RIYADUS-SALIKHIN RECONNAISSANCE AND SABOTAGE BATTALION OF CHECHEN MARTYRS (RSRSBCM) (Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion; Riyadh-as-Saliheen; The Sabotage and Military Surveillance Group of the Riyadh al-Salihin Martyrs; Firqat al-Takhrib wa al-Istitla al-Askariyah li Shuhada Riyadh al-Salihin; Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage battalion of Shahids (martyrs)*.

95. SANABEL RELIEF AGENCY LIMITED (Sanabel Relief Agency; Sanabel L’il-Igatha; SRA; Sara; Al-Rahama Relief Foundation Limited)*; 1011 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, Manchester M9 2TB, United Kingdom; 54 Anson Road, London, NW2 6AD, United Kingdom; 63 South Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B 111 EX, United Kingdom; 98 Gresham Road, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom; P.O. Box 50, Manchester M19 25P, United Kingdom. Charity number: 1083469. Registration number: 3713110. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 28 Sep. 2009.

96. SOMALI INTERNATIONAL RELIEF ORGANIZATION*; 1806 Riverside Avenue, 2nd Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America.


98. SOMALI NETWORK AB*; Hallybybacken 15, 70 Spanga, Sweden.

99. SPECIAL PURPOSE ISLAMIC REGIMENT (SPIR) (The Islamic Special Purpose Regiment; The al-Jiahad-Fisi-Sabililah Special Islamic Regiment; Islamic Regiment of Special Meaning)*.

100. TAIBAH INTERNATIONAL-BOSNIA OFFICES (Taibah International Aid Agency; Taibah International Aid Association; Al Taibah, Intl; Taibah International Aide Association)*; 26 Tabhanska Street, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 3 Velika Cilna Ulica, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 6 Avde Smajlovica Street, Novo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2002-2004, Taibah International – Bosnia offices used premises of the Culture Home in Hadzici, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization was officially registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a branch of Taibah International Aid Association under registry number 7. Taibah International – Bosnia offices ceased its work by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation (decision on cessation of operation number 03-05-2-70/03).

101. THE ORGANIZATION OF AL-QAIDA IN THE ISLAMIC MAGHREB (Le Groupe Salafiste Pour La Prediction et Le Combat; Salafist Group For Call and Combat)*; Estimated in Nov. 2007 to comprise approx. 700 members regrouped in cells in Algeria and northern Mali. Its Emir is Abdelmalek Droukdel (listed under permanent reference number QI.D.232.07.).

102. TUNISIAN COMBATANT GROUP (Groupe Combattant Tunisien; Groupe Islamiste Combattant Tunisien; GICT)*.

103. UMMAH TAMEER E-NAU (UTN)*; Street 13, Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan; Pakistan.

104. WAFA HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATION (Al Wafa; Al Wafa Organization; Wafa Al-Igatha al-Islamia)*; Jordan House No. 125, Street 54, Phase II Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan.Offices in: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE.

Физические лица

1. ABD AL HAMID SULAIMAN AL-MUJIL (Dr. Abd al-Hamid Al-Mujal; Dr. Abd Abdul-Hamid bin Sulaiman Al-Mu’jil; Abd al-Hamid Sulaiman Al-Mu’jil; Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Mu’ajjal; Abd al-Hamid Mu’jil; A.S. Mujel; Abu Abdallah; Abdulhamid Sulaiman M.Al Mojil)*; 28.04.1949 г.р., Kuwait. DOB: 29.04.1949.

2. ABD AL WAHAB ABD AL HAFIZ (Ferdjani Mouloud; Rabah Di Roma; Mourad; Abdel Wahab Abdelhafid; Said)*; 07.09.1967 г.р., Algiers, Algeria (30.10.1968 г.р., Algeria).

3. ABD AL-RAHMAN MUHAMMAD JAFFAR ‘ALI (Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Jaffir; Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Jafir ‘Ali; Abd al-Rahman Jaffir Ali; Abdul Rahman Mohamed Jaffer Ali; Abdulrahman Mohammad Jaffar; ‘Ali Al-Khal; Abu Muhammad Al-Khal)*; 15.01.1968 г.р., Muharraq, Bahrain.

4. ABD ALLAH MOHAMED RAGAB ABDEL RAHMAN (Abu Al-Khayr; Ahmad Hasan; Abu Jihad)*; 03.11.1957 г.р., Kafr Al-Shaykh, Egypt.

5. ABD EL KADER MAHMOUD MOHAMED EL SAYED (Es Sayed Kader)*; 26.12.1962 г.р., Egypt.

6. ABD-AL-MAJID AZIZ AL-ZINDANI (Abdelmajid Al-Zindani; Shaykh ‘Abd Al-Madjid Al-Zindani; Sheikh Abd Al-Meguid Al-Zindani)*; 1942 г.р., Yemen DOB: Approximately 1950.

7. ABDELGHANI MZOUDI (Abdelghani Mazwati; Abdelghani Mazuti)*; 06.12.1972 г.р., Marrakesh, Morocco.

8. ABDELHADI BEN DEBKA (Abd Al Hadi; Hadi; L’Hadi Bendebka; El Hadj Ben Debka)*; 17.11.1963 г.р., Algiers, Algeria.

9. ABDELHALIM HAFED ABDELFATTAH REMADNA (Abdelhalim Remadna; Jalloul)*; 02.04.1966 г.р., Biskra, Algeria.

10. ABDELKADER LAAGOUB*; 23.04.1966 г.р., Casablanca, Morocco.

11. ABDELMALEK DROUKDEL (Abou Mossaab Abdelouadoud)*; 20.04.1970 г.р., Meftah, Wilaya of Blida, Algeria.

12. ABDERRAHMANE KIFANE*; 07.03.1963 г.р., Casablanca, Morocco.

13. ABDUL BAQI*; 1962 г.р., Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan.

14. ABDUL BARI AKHUND (Haji Mullah Sahib)*; 1953 г.р., Helmand province, Afghanistan.

15. ABDUL GHAFAR QURISHI (Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi)*.

16. ABDUL GHAFAR SHINWARY*; 29.03.1965 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

17. ABDUL GHAFOOR*; Kunar province, Afghanistan.

18. ABDUL GHANI BARADAR (Mullah Baradar Akhund)*; 1968 г.р., Weetmak villag, Dehrawood district, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1968.

19. ABDUL HAI HAZEM*; 1971 г.р., Ghazni.

20. ABDUL HAKIM MUJAHID MUHAMMAD AWRANG (Abdul Hakim Mojahed; Abdul Hakim Mujahid Moh Aurang)*; 1956 г.р., Khajakhel village, Sharan district, Paktika province, Afghanistan.

21. ABDUL HAKIM MURAD (Murad abdul Hakim Hasim; Murad Abdul Hakim Ali Hashim; Murad Abdul Hakim Al Hashim; Saeed Akman; Saeed Ahmed)*; 04.01.1968 г.р., Kuwait.

22. ABDUL HAQ (Maimaitiming Maimaiti; Abdul Heq; Abuduhake; Abdulheq Jundullah; ‘Abd Al-Haq; Memetiming Memeti; Memetiming Aximu; Memetiming Qekeman; Maiumaitimin Maimaiti; Abdul Saimaiti; Muhammad Ahmed Khaliq; Maimaiti Iman; Muhelisi; Qerman; Saifuding)*; 10.10.1971 г.р., Chele County, Khuttan Area, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China.

23. ABDUL JABBAR OMARI*; Zabul, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958.

24. ABDUL JALIL HAQQANI (Nazar Jan)*; 1963 г.р., Arghandaab district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.

25. ABDUL KABIR MOHAMMAD JAN (A. Kabir)*; 1963 г.р., Zardran tribe, Paktja province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.

26. ABDUL LATIF MANSUR (Abdul Latif Mansoor)*; 1968 г.р., Zurmat district, Paktia province, Afghanistan.

27. ABDUL LATIF SALEH (Abdul Latif A.A. Saleh; Abdyl Latif Saleh; Dr. Abd al-Latif Saleh; Abdul Latif A.A. Saleh Abu Hussein; Abd al-Latif Salih; Abu Amir)*; 05.03.1957 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq.

28. ABDUL MANAF KASMURI (Muhammad Al-Filipini; Intan)*; 28.05.1955 г.р., Selangor, Malaysia.


30. ABDUL MANAN NYAZI (Abdul Manan Nayazi; Abdul Manan Niazi; Baryaly; Baryalai)*; 1968 г.р., Pashtoon Zarghoon district, Herat province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1968.

31. ABDUL QADEER ABDUL BASEER*; 1964 г.р., Nangarhar, Afghanistan.

32. ABDUL RAHIM AL-TALHI ( Abdul-Rahim Hammad al-Talhi; Abd Al-Rahim Hamad al-Tahi; Abdulrheem Hammad A Altalhi; Abe Al-Rahim al-Talahi; Abd Al-Rahim Al Tahli; Abd al-Rahim al-Talhi; Abdulrahim Al Tahi; Abdulrahim al-Talji; Abd-Al-Rahim al Talji; Abdul Rahim; Abu Al Bara a Al Naji; Shuwayb Junayd; Abdul Rahim Hammad Ahmad Al-Talhi)*; 08.12.1961 г.р., Al-Shefa, Al-Taif, Saudi Arabia.

33. ABDUL RAHMAN AGHA*; 1958 г.р., Arghandab district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

34. ABDUL RAHMAN AHMAD HOTTAK (Hottak Sahib)*; 1957 г.р., Ghazni province, Afghanistan.

35. ABDUL RAHMAN YASIN (Taha Abdul Rahman S.; Taher Abdul Rahman S.; Yasin Abdul Rahman Said; Yasin Aboud)*; 10.04.1960 г.р., Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America.

36. ABDUL RAHMAN ZAHED (Abdul Rehman Zahid)*; Logar province, Kharwar district, Afghanistan; Between 1963 and 1968.

37. ABDUL RAQIB TAKHARI*; Takhar province, Afghanistan; DOB: Between 1968 and 1973.

38. ABDUL RAUF KHADEM*; Uruzgan/Kandahar, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958-1963.

39. ABDUL RAZAQ*; 1958 г.р., Arghandab district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

40. ABDUL RAZAQ AKHUND LALA AKHUND*; 1958 г.р., Spin Boldak District, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, in the area bordering Chaman district, Quetta, Pakistan.

41. ABDUL SALAM HANAFI ALI MARDAN QUL (Abdussalam Hanifi; Hanafi Saheb)*; 1968 г.р., Darzab district, Faryab district, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1968.

42. ABDUL SALAM ZAEEF (Abdussalam Zaeef)*; 1968 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

43. ABDUL SAMAD KHAKSAR*; Kandahar, Afghanistan DOB: Between 1958 and 1963.

44. ABDUL SATAR PAKTIN (Abdul Sattar Paktis)*; Paktia, Afghanistan.

45. ABDUL WAHAB*; 1973 г.р., Faryab province, Afghanistan.

46. ABDUL WAHED SHAFIQ*; 1968 г.р., Ningarhar province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1968.

47. ABDUL WASAY MU’TASIM AGHA (Mustasim Aga Jan; Agha Jan; Abdul Wasay Agha Jan Motasem)*; 1968 г.р., Kandahar city, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1968.

48. ABDUL-HAQ WASSIQ (Abdul-Haq Wasseq)*; 1975 г.р., Central Ghazni province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1975.

49. ABDULHAI MOTMAEN*; Zabul province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1973.


51. ABDULLAH AHMED ABDULLAH EL ALFI (Abu Mariam; Al-Masri Abu Mohamed; Saleh)*; 06.06.1963 г.р., Gharbia, Egypt.

52. ABDULLAH ANSHORI (Abu Fatih; Thoyib Ibnu; Toyib Ibnu; Abu Fathi)*; 1958 г.р., Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

53. ABDULLAH HAMAD*; 1972 г.р., Helmand, Afghanistan.


55. ABID HAMMADOU (Abdelhamid Abou Zeid; Youcef Adel; Abou Abdellah)*; 12.12.1965 г.р., Touggourt, Wilaya (province) of Ouargla, Algeria.

56. ABU BAKAR BA’ASYIR (Baasyir Abu Bakar; Bashir Abu Bakar; Abdus Samad; Abdus Somad)*; 17.08.1938 г.р., Jombang, East Java, Indonesia.

57. ABU BAKR AL-JAZIRI (Yasir Al-Jazari)*.

58. ABU RUSDAN (Abu Thoriq; Rusdjan; Rusjan; Rusydan; Thoriquddin; Thoriquiddin; Thoriquidin; Toriquddin)*; 16.08.1960 г.р., Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia.

59. ABU SUFIAN AL-SALAMABI MUHAMMED AHMED ABD AL-RAZZIQ (Abousofian Abdelrazek; Abousofian Salman Abdelrazik; Abousofian Abdelrazik; Abousofiane Abdelrazik; Sofian Abdelrazik; Abou El Layth; Aboulail; Abu Juiriah; Abu Sufian; Abulail; Djolaiba the Sudanese; Jolaiba; Ould El Sayeigh; Abu Sufian Abd Al Razeq)*; 06.08.1962 г.р., Al-Bawgah (Albaouga), Sudan.

60. ADEL ABDUL JALIL IBRAHIM BATTERJEE (Adil Al-Battarjee; Adel Batterjee; Adil Abd al Jalil Batarji; Adel AbdulJaleel I. Batterjee)*; 01.07.1946 г.р., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. DOB: 01.06.1946.

61. ADEL BEN AL-AZHAR BEN YOUSSEF BEN SOLTANE (Zakariya)*; 14.07.1970 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

62. ADEM YILMAZ (Talha)*; 04.11.1978 г.р., Bayburt, Turkey.

63. ADIL MUHAMMAD MAHMUD ABD AL-KHALIQ (Adel Mohamed Mahmoud Abdul Khaliq; Adel Mohamed Mahmood Abdul Khaled)*; 02.03.1984 г.р., Bahrain.

64. AGHA JAN ALIZAI (Haji Agha Jan Alizai; Hajji Agha Jan; Agha Jan Alazai; Haji Loi Lala; Loi Agha)*; 15.10.1963 г.р., Hitemchai Village, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

65. AGUS DWIKARNA*; 11.08.1964 г.р., Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

66. AHMAD JAN AKHUNDZADA SHUKOOR AKHUNDZADA (Ahmad Jan Akhunzada; Ahmad Jan Akhund Zada)*; Uruzgan province, Afghanistan.

67. AHMAD ZERFAOUI (Abdullah; Abdalla; Smail; Abu Khaoula; Abu Cholder; Nuhr)*; 15.07.1963 г.р., Chrea, Algeria.

68. AHMADULLAH (Ahmadulla)*; 1975 г.р., Qarabah district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1975.

69. AHMED ABDI AW-MOHAMED (Abu Zubeyr, Muktar Abdirahman; Abuzubair, Muktar Abdulrahim; Aw Mohammed, Ahmed Abdi; Aw-Mohamud, Ahmed Abdi; Godane; Godani; Mukhtar, Shaykh; Zubeyr, Abu)*; 10.07.1977 г.р., Hargeysa, Somalia.

70. AHMED DEGHDEGH (Abd El Illah)*; 17.01.1967 г.р., Anser, Wilaya (province) of Jijel, Algeria.

71. AHMED EL BOUHALI (Abu Katada)*; 31.05.1963 г.р., Sidi Kacem, Morocco (31.05.1963 г.р., Sidi Kacem, Morocco).

72. AHMED HOSNI RARRBO (Rarrbo Abdallah; Rarrbo Abdullah; Rarrbo Ahmed Hosni)*; 12.09.1974 г.р., Bologhine, Algeria (12.09.1974 г.р., France).

73. AHMED JAN AKHUND*; Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1953-1958.

74. AHMED KHALFAN GHAILANI (Ahmad Abu Bakr; Ahmed Abubakar; Ahmed Abubakar K.; Ahmed Abubakar Khalfan; Ahmed Abubakary K.; Ahmed Ahmed Khalfan; Ghailani Abubakary Khalfan Ahmed; Ghailani Ahmed; Ghilani Ahmad Khalafan; Hussein Mahafudh Abubakar Ahmed Abdallah; Khalfan Ahmed; Mohammed Shariff Omar; Ahmed The Tanzanian; Foopie; Fupi; Ahmed A; Al Tanzani Ahmad; Bakr Abu; Khabar Abu; Ali Ahmed Khalfan; Haytham al-Kini)*; 14.03.1974 г.р., Zanzibar, Tanzania. Возможно г.р.: 13.04.1974, 14.04.1974, 01.08.1970.

75. AHMED MOHAMMED HAMED ALI (Abdurehman Ahmed Mohammed; Ahmed Hamed; Ali Ahmed Mohammed; Ali Hamed; Hemed Ahmed; Shieb Ahmed; Abu Fatima; Abu Islam; Abu Khadiijah; Ahmed The Egyptian; Ahmed Ahmed; Al-Masri Ahmad; Al-Surir Abu Islam; Shuaib)*; 13.01.1967 г.р., Badari, Asyout, Egypt.

76. AIMAN MUHAMMED RABI AL-ZAWAHIRI (Ayman Al-Zawahari; Ahmed Fuad Salim; Al Zawahry Aiman Mohamed Rabi Abdel Muaz; Al Zawahiri Ayman; Abdul Qader Abdul Aziz Abdul Moez Al Doctor; Al Zawahry Aiman Mohamed Rabi; Al Zawahry Aiman Mohamed Rabie; Al Zawahry Aiman Mohamed Robi; Dhawahri Ayman; Eddaouahiri Ayman; Nur Al Deen Abu Mohammed; Abu Fatma; Abu Mohammed; Ayman Al Zawahari; Ahmad Fuad Salim)*; 19.06.1951 г.р., Giza, Egypt.

77. AKHTAR MOHAMMAD MANSOUR SHAH MOHAMMED (Akhtar Mohammad Mansour Khan Muhammad; Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor; Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor)*; 1960 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan; Kalanko Joftian, Zurmat district, Paktia province, Afghanistan.

78. AKHTAR MOHAMMAD MAZ-HARI*; 1970 г.р., Kunduz, Afghanistan.

79. AKRAM TURKI HISHAN AL-MAZIDIH (Akram Turki Al-Hishan; Abu Jarrah; Abu Akram)*; 1974 г.р., DOB: a) 1974 b) 1975.

80. AL SAYYID AHMED FATHI HUSSEIN ELIWAH (Al Sayyid Ahmed Fathi Hussein Eliwa; Al Sayyid Ahmed Fathi Hussein Alaiwah; Al Sayyid Ahmed Fathi Hussein Elaiwa; Al Sayyid Ahmed Fathi Hussein Elewah; Al Sayyid Ahmed Fathi Hussein Alaywah; El Sayed Ahmad Fathi Hussein Elaiwa; Hatim; Hisham; Abu Umar)*; 30.07.1964 г.р., Suez; Alexandria, Egypt. Возможно 30.01.1964г.р.

81. AL-AZHAR BEN KHALIFA BEN AHMED ROUINE (Salmane; Lazhar)*; 20.11.1975 г.р., Sfax, Tunisia.

82. AL-AZHAR BEN MOHAMMED BEN EL-ABED AL-TLILI (Lazar Ben Mohammed Tlili)*; 26.03.1969 г.р., Feriana, Al-Kasrain, Tunisia.

83. AL-MOKHTAR BEN MOHAMED BEN AL-MOKHTAR BOUCHOUCHA (Bushusha Mokhtar)*; 13.10.1969 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.


85. ALI AHMED NUR JIM’ALE (Ahmed Ali Jimale; Ahmad Nur Ali Jim’ale; Ahmed Nur Jumale; Ahmed Ali Jumali; Ahmed Ali Jumale; Sheikh Ahmed Jimale)*; 1954 г.р., Eilbur, Somalia.

86. ALI GHALEB HIMMAT*; 16.06.1938 г.р., Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.

87. ALI MOHAMED EL HEIT (Kamel Mohamed; Alм Di Roma; Kamel Mohamed; Ali Il Barbuto)*; 20.03.1970 г.р., Rouiba, Algeria (30.01.1971 г.; 20.03.1970 г.р., Algeria).

88. ALI SAYYID MUHAMED MUSTAFA BAKRI (Ali Salim; Abd Al-Aziz; Al-Masri)*; 18.04.1966 г.р., Beni- Suef.

89. ALLAH DAD TAYEB WALI MUHAMMAD (Allah Dad Tayyab; Allah Dad Tabeeb)*; 1963 г.р., Kandahar city, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1963.

90. ALLAHDAD (Akhund)*; 1953 г.р., Spinboldak district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1953.

91. ALY SOLIMAN MASSOUD ABDUL SAYED (Ibn El Qaim; Mohamed Osman; adam)*; 1969 г.р., Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

92. AMIN MUHAMMAD UL HAQ SAAM KHAN (Al-Haq Amin; Amin Muhammad; Dr. Amin; Ul-Haq Dr. Amin)*; 1960 г.р., Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.


94. AMIR ABDULLAH (Amir Abdullah Sahib)*; 1972 г.р., Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

95. AMIR KHAN MOTAQI (Amir Khan Muttaqi)*; Helmand province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1968.

96. AMRAN MANSOR (Henry)*; 25.05.1964 г.р., Johor, Malaysia.

97. ANGELO RAMIREZ TRINIDAD (Calib Trinidad; Kalib Trinidad; Abdul Khalil; Abdukahlil; Abu Khalil; Anis)*; 20.03.1978 г.р., Gattaran, Cagayan Province, Philippines.

98. ANWAR NASSER ABDULLA AL-AULAQI (Anwar al-Aulaqi; Anwar al-Awlaki; Anwar al-Awlaqi; Anwar Nasser Aulaqi; Anwar Nasser Abdullah Aulaqi; Anwar Nasser Abdulla Aulaqi)*; 21.04.1971 г.р., Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America. DOB: 22 Apr. 1971.

99. AQEEL ABDULAZIZ AQEEL AL-AQEEL (Aqeel Abdulaziz Al-Aqil; Ageel Abdulaziz A. Alageel)*; 29.04.1949 г.р., Unaizah, Saudi Arabia.

100. AREFULLAH AREF*; 1958 г.р., Zurmat district, Paktia province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958.

101. ARIF QASMANI (Muhammad Arif Qasmani; Muhammad ‘Arif Qasmani; Mohammad Arif Qasmani; Arif Umer; Qasmani Baba; Memon Baba; Baba Ji)*; 1944 г.р., Pakistan DOB: Approximately 1944.

102. ARIS MUNANDAR*; 01.01.1971 г.р., Sambi, Boyolali, Java, Indonesia. Дата рождения между 1962 и 1968 годами.

103. ARSALAN RAHMANI MOHAMMAD DAULAT (Arsala Rahmani)*; 1941 г.р., Khaleqdad village, Urgon district, Paktika province, Afghanistan.

104. ASCHRAF AL-DAGMA (Aschraf Al-Dagma; Aschraf Al Dagma; Aschraf Al Dagma; Aschraf Al Dagma)*; 28.04.1969 г.р., Absan, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories (28.04.1969 г.р., Kannyouiz, Palestinian Territories; 28.04.1969 г.р., Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories; 28.04.1969 г.р., Palestinian Territories; 28.04.1969 г.р., Abasan, Gaza Strip).

105. ATA ABDOULAZIZ RASHID (Ata Abdoul Aziz Barzingy; Abdoulaziz Ata Rashid)*; 01.12.1973 г.р., Sulaimaniya, Iraq (01.12.1973 г.р.).

106. ATILLA SELEK (Muaz)*; 28.02.1985 г.р., Ulm, Germany.


108. ATTIQULLAH AKHUND*; 1953 г.р., Shawali Kott district, Kandahar, Afghanistan.



111. BADRUDDIN HAQQANI*; Approximately 1975-1979.

112. BASHIR MOHAMED MAHAMOUD (Bashir Mohamed Mahmoud; Bashir Mahmud Mohammed; Bashir Mohamed Mohamud; Bashir Mohamed Mohamoud; Bashir Yare; Bashir Qorgab; Gure Gap; Abu Muscab; Qorgab)*; 1982 г.р., DOB: Circa 1979-1982.

113. BEKKAY HARRACH (Abu Talha al Maghrabi; al Hafidh Abu Talha der Deutsche (“the German”)*; 04.09.1977 г.р., Berkane, Morocco.

114. BILAL BIN MARWAN*; 1947 г.р.

115. CHABAANE BEN MOHAMED BEN MOHAMED AL-TRABELSI (Chabaane Ben Mohamed Trabelsi)*; 01.05.1966 г.р., Menzel Temime, Nabeul, Tunisia.

116. CHIHEB BEN MOHAMED BEN MOKHTAR AL-AYARI (Hichem Abu Hchem)*; 19.12.1965 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

117. DAKI MOHAMMED*; 29.03.1965 г.р., Morocco.

118. DANIEL MARTIN SCHNEIDER (Abdullah)*; 09.09.1985 г.р., Neunkirchen (Saar), Germany.

119. DAWOOD IBRAHIM KASKAR (Dawood Ebrahim; Sheikh Dawood Hassan; Hizrat; Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz; Anis Ibrahim; Aziz Dilip; Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar; Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar; Dawood Ibrahim Memon; Dawood Sabri; Kaskar Dawood Hasan; Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman; Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim; Ibrahim Shaikh Mohd Anis; Shaikh Ismail Abdul)*; 26.12.1955 г.р., a) Bombai b) Ratnagiri, India.

120. DHOU EL-AICH (Abdel Hak)*; 05.08.1964 г.р., Blida, Algeria.

121. DIEMAN ABDULKADIR IZZAT (Deiman Alhasenben Ali Aljabbari)*; 04.07.1965 г.р., Kirkuk, Iraq (04.07.1965 г.).

122. DIN MOHAMMAD HANIF (Qari Din Mohammad)*; 1955 г.р., Badakhshan province, Afghanistan.

123. DINNO AMOR ROSALEJOS PAREJA (Johnny Pareja; Khalil Pareja; Mohammad; Akmad; Mighty; Rash)*; 19.07.1981 г.р., Cebu City, Philippines.

124. DJAMEL LOUNICI (Jamal Lounici)*; 01.02.1962 г.р., Algiers, Algeria.

125. DJAMEL MOUSTFA (Ali Barkani; Kalad Belkasam; Mostafa Djamel; Mostefa Djamel; Mustafa Djamel; Balkasam Kalad; Bekasam Kalad; Belkasam Kalad; Damel Mostafa; Djamal Mostafa; Djamal Mostafa; Djamel Mostafa; Djamel Mostafa; Fjamel Moustfa; Djamel Mustafa; Djamel Mustafa; Mustafa)*; 28.09.1973 г.р., Tiaret, Algeria (22.08.1973 г.р., Morocco; 31.12.1979 г.; 31.12.1979 г.р., Maskara, Algeria; 26.09.1973 г.р., Mahdia, Algeria; 31.12.1979 г.р., Mascara, Algeria; 26.08.1973 г.р., Algiers, Algeria; 26.08.1973 г.р., Algiers, Algeria; 26.08.1973 г.р., Algiers, Algeria; 31.12.1979 г.р., Algiers, Algeria; 31.12.1979 г.р., Maskara, Algeria; 10.06.1982 г.; 31.12.1979 г.р., Maskara, Algeria; 31.12.1979 г.р., Algiers, Algeria; 28.09.1973 г.р., Tiaret, Algeria; 31.12.1979 г.; 31.12.1979 г.р., Mascara, Algeria).

126. DOKU KHAMATOVICH UMAROV*; 12.05.1964 г.р., Kharsenoy Village, Shatoyskiy (Sovetskiy) District, Chechenskaya Respublika, Russian Federation.

127. DOST MOHAMMAD (Doost Mohammad)*; Daman district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan DOB: Between 1968 and 1973.

128. EHSANULLAH SARFIDA*; Qarabagh district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.

129. EZATULLAH HAQQANI*; 1957 г.р., Laghman province, Afghanistan.

130. FAHD MOHAMMED AHMED AL-QUSO (Fahd al-Quso; Fahd Mohammed Ahmen al-Quso; Abu Huthaifah; Abu Huthaifah al-Yemeni; Abu Huthaifah al-Adani; Abu al-Bara; Abu Huthayfah al-Adani; Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Awlaqi; Huthaifah al-Yemeni; Abu Huthaifah al-Abu al-Bara; Fahd Muhammad Ahmad al-Kuss)*; 12.11.1974 г.р., Aden, Yemen.

131. FAHD MUHAMMAD ABD AL- AZIZ AL-KHASHIBAN (Fahad H. A. Khashayban; Fahad H. A. al-Khashiban; Fahad H. A. Kheshaiban; Fahad H. A. Kheshayban; Fahad H. A. al-Khosiban; Fahad H. A. Khasiban; Fahd Muhammad Abd Al- Aziz al-Khashayban; Fahd Muhammad Abd al- Aziz al-Khushayban; Fahad al-Khashiban; Fahd Khushaiban; Fahad Muhammad A. al-Khoshiban; Fahad Mohammad A. al-Khoshiban; Abu Thabit; Shaykh Abu Thabit; Shaykh Thabet; Abu Abdur Rahman; Abdur Abu Rahman; Fahad Mohammad Abdulaziz Alkhoshiban)*; 16.10.1966 г.р., Oneiza, Saudi Arabia.

132. FAHID MOHAMMED ALLY MSALAM (Fahid Mohammed Ally; Fahad Ally Msalam; Fahid Mohammed Ali Msalam; Mohammed Ally Msalam; Fahid Mohammed Ali Musalaam; Fahid Muhamad Ali Salem; Usama Al-Kini; Fahid Mohammed Aly; Ahmed Fahad; Ali Fahid Mohammed; Fahad Mohammad Ally; Fahad Mohammed Ally; Fahid Mohamed Ally; Msalam Fahad Mohammed Ally; Msalam Fahid Mohammad Ally; Msalam Fahid Mohammed Ali; Msalm Fahid Mohammed Ally; Mohammed Ally Mohammed; Ally Fahid M)*; 19.02.1976 г.р., Mombasa, Kenya.

133. FAIZ*; 1969 г.р., Ghazni province, Afghanistan.

134. FAOUZI BEN MOHAMED BEN AHMED AL-JENDOUBI (Said; Samir)*; 30.01.1966 г.р., Beja, Tunisia.

135. FARES MOHAMMED MANA’A (Faris Mana’a; Fares Mohammed Manaa)*; 08.02.1965 г.р., Sadah, Yemen.

136. FARHAD KANABI AHMAD (Kaua Omar Achmed; Kawa Hamawandi)*; 01.07.1971 г.р., Arbil, Iraq.

137. FARID AIDER (Achour Ali; Terfi Farid; Abdallah)*; 12.10.1964 г.р., Algiers, Algeria.

138. FAYCAL BOUGHANEMI (Faical Boughanmi; Faysal al-Bughanimi)*; 28.10.1966 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

139. FAZEEL-A-TUL SHAYKH ABU MOHAMMED AMEEN AL-PESHAWARI (Shaykh Aminullah; Sheik Aminullah; Abu Mohammad Aminullah Peshawari; Abu Mohammad Amin Bishawri; Abu Mohammad Shaykh Aminullah Al-Bishauri; Shaykh Abu Mohammed Ameen al-Peshawari; Shaykh Aminullah Al-Peshawari)*; Konar Province, Afghanistan DOB: a) Approximately 1967 b) Approximately 1961 c) Approximately 1973.

140. FAZL MOHAMMAD MAZLOOM (Molah Fazl; Fazel Mohammad Mazloom)*; Uruzgan, Afghanistan; DOB: Between 1963 and 1968.

141. FAZUL ABDULLAH MOHAMMED (Abdalla Fazul; Abdallah Fazul; Ali Fadel Abdallah Mohammed; Fazul Abdalla; Fazul Abdallah; Fazul Abdallah Mohammed; Fazul Haroon; Fazul Harun; Haroun Fadhil; Mohammed Fazul; Mohammed Fazul Abdalahi; Mohammed Fouad; Muhamad Fadil Abdallah; Abu Aisha; Abu Seif Al Sudani; Haroon; Harun; Abu Luqman; Abdullah Fazhl; Fazhl Haroun; Fazil Haroun; Faziul Abdallah; Fazul Abdalahi Mohammed; Haroun Fazil; Harun Fazul; Khan Fazhl; Farun Fahdl; Harun Fahdl; Haroun; Abdulah Mohamed Fadl; Fadil Abdallah Muhammad; Abdallah Muhammad Fadhul; Fedel Abdullah Mohammad Fazul; Fadl Allah Abd Allah; Haroon Fadl Abd Allah; Mohamed Fadl; Harun Al-Qamry; Abu Al-Fazul Al-Qamari; Haji Kassim Fumu; Yacub)*; 25.08.1972 г.р., Moroni, Comoros Islands. Возможно г.р. 25.12.1974, 25.02.1974, 1976, Feb. 1971.

142. FELICIANO SEMBORIO DELOS REYES JR. (Abubakar Abdillah; Abdul Abdillah)*; 04.11.1963 г.р., Arco, Lamitan, Basilan, Philippines.

143. FETHI BEN AL-RABEI BEN ABSHA MNASRI (Fethi Alic; Amor; Abu Omar; Mnasri Fethi ben Rebai; Mnasri Fethi ben Rebai; Mnasri Fethi ben al-Rabai; Mnasri Fethi ben Rebaj; Omar Tounsi; Amar)*; 06.03.1969 г.р., Al-Sanadil Farm, Nefza, Governorate of Baja, Tunisia (06.03.1963 г.р., Tunisia; 03.06.1969 г.р., Algeria; 06.03.1969 г.р., Algeria; 06.03.1963 г.р., Tunisia).

144. FETHI BEN HASSEN BEN SALEM AL-HADDAD (Fethi ben Assen Haddad; Fathy Hassan Al Haddad)*; 28.06.1963 г.р., Tataouene, Tunisia. DOB: a) 28 Jun. 1963 b) 28 Mar. 1963.

145. FRITZ MARTIN GELOWICZ (Robert Konars; Markus Gebert; Malik; Benzl; Bentley)*; 01.09.1979 г.р., Munich, Germany (10.04.1979 г.р., Liege, Belgium).

146. FUAD MOHAMED KHALAF (Fuad Mohamed Khalif; Fuad Mohamed Qalaf; Fuad Mohammed Kalaf; Fuad Mohamed Kalaf; Fuad Mohammed Khalif; Fuad Khalaf; Fuad Shongale; Fuad Shongole; Fuad Shangole; Fuad Songale; Fouad Shongale; Fuad Muhammad Khalaf Shongole)*.

147. GHAZY FEZZA HISHAN AL-MAZIDIH (Ghazy Fezzaa Hishan; Mushari Abd Aziz Saleh Shlash; Abu Faysal; Abu Ghazzy)*; 1974 г.р., DOB: a) 1974 b) 1975.

148. GUL AGHA ISHAKZAI (Mullah Gul Agha; Mullah Gul Agha Akhund; Hidayatullah; Haji Hidayatullah; Hayadatullah)*; 1972 г.р., Band-e-Timor, Kandahar, Afghanistan.


150. GULBUDDIN HEKMATYAR (Gulabudin Hekmatyar; Golboddin Hikmetyar; Gulbuddin Khekmatiyar; Gulbuddin Hekmatiar; Gulbuddin Hekhmartyar; Gulbudin Hekmetyar)*; 01.08.1949 г.р., Konduz Province, Afghanistan.

151. GUN GUN RUSMAN GUNAWAN (Gunawan Rusman; Abd Al-Hadi; Abdul Hadi; Abdul Karim; Bukhori; Bukhory)*; 06.07.1977 г.р., Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia.

152. HABIB BEN AHMED AL-LOUBIRI*; 17.11.1961 г.р., Menzel Temime, Tunisia.

153. HABIB BEN ALI BEN SAID AL-WADHANI*; 01.06.1970 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

154. HABIBULLAH FAWZI (Habibullah Faizi; Habibullah Fauzi)*; 1961 г.р., Atal village, Ander district, Ghazni, Afghanistan.

155. HABIBULLAH RESHAD*; Ghazni province, Afghanistan; DOB: Between 1968 and 1973.

156. HACENE ALLANE (Hassan the Old; Al Sheikh Abdelhay; Boulahia; Abu al-Foutouh; Cheib Ahcene)*; 17.01.1941 г.р., Medea, Algeria.

157. HAFIZ MUHAMMAD SAEED (Hafiz Muhammad; Hafiz Saeed; Hafiz Mohammad Sahib; Hafez Mohammad Saeed; Hafiz Mohammad Sayeed; Hafiz Mohammad Sayid; Tata Mohammad Syeed; Mohammad Sayed; Hafiz Ji; Muhammad Saeed)*; 05.06.1950 г.р., Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.

158. HAJI MUHAMMAD ASHRAF (Haji M. Ashraf)*; 01.03.1965 г.р.

159. HAKIMULLAH MEHSUD (Hakeemullah Mehsud; Zulfiqar)*; 1979 г.р., Pakistan.

160. HAMADI BEN ABDUL AZIZ BEN ALI BOUYEHIA (Gamel Mohmed)*; 29.05.1966 г.р., Tunisia (25.05.1966 г.р., Morocco).


162. HAMDULLAH NOMANI*; 1968 г.р., Ghazni province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1968.

163. HAMID ABDALLAH AHMAD AL-ALI (Dr. Hamed Abdullah Al-Ali; Hamed Al-‘Ali; Hamed bin ‘Abdallah Al-‘Ali; Hamid ‘Abdallah Al-‘Ali; Hamid ‘Abdallah Ahmad Al-‘Ali; Hamid bin Abdallah Ahmed Al-Ali; Abu Salim; Hamid Abdallah Ahmed Al-Ali)*; 20.01.1960 г.р., Kuwait.

164. HAMIDULLAH AKHUND*; 1968 г.р., Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

165. HANI AL-SAYYID AL-SEBAI (Hani Yousef Al-Sebai; Hani Youssef; Hany Youseff; Hani Yusef; Hani al-Sayyid Al-Sabai; Hani al-Sayyid El Sebai; Hani al-Sayyid Al Siba’i; Hani al-Sayyid El Sabaay; El-Sababt; Abu Tusnin; Abu Akram; Hani El Sayyed Elsebai Yusef; Abu Karim; Hany Elsayed Youssef)*; 01.03.1961 г.р., Qaylubiyah, Egypt. Возможно 16.06.1960 г.р.

166. HASSAN ABDULLAH HERSI AL-TURKI (Hassan Turki; Hassen Abdelle Fihiye; Sheikh Hassan Abdullah Fahaih; Hassan Al-Turki; Hassan Abdillahi Hersi Turki; Sheikh Hassan Turki; Xasan Cabdilaahi Xirsi; Xasan Cabdulle Xirsi)*; 1944 г.р., Region V, Ethiopia (the Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia). DOB: Approximately 1944.

167. HASSAN DAHIR AWEYS (Ali Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys; Awes Shaykh Hassan Dahir; Hassen Dahir Aweyes; Ahmed Dahir Aweys; Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim; Aweys Hassan Dahir; Hassan Tahir Oais; Hassan Tahir Uways; Hassan Dahir Awes; Sheikh Aweys; Sheikh Hassan; Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys)*; 1935 г.

168. HIDAYATULLAH (Abu Turab)*; 1968 г.р., Arghandab district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1968.

169. HILARION DEL ROSARIO SANTOS III (Akmad Santos; Ahmed Islam; Ahmad Islam Santos; Abu Hamsa; Hilarion Santos III; Abu Abdullah Santos; Faisal Santos; Lakay; Aki; Aqi)*; 12.03.1966 г.р., 686 A. Mabini Street, Sangandaan, Caloocan City, Philippines.

170. IBRAHIM ABDUL SALAM MOHAMED BOYASSEER (Abu Al-Banaan; Ibrahim Bouisir; Ibrahim Buisir)*; 1961 г.р., Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

171. IBRAHIM ALI ABU BAKR TANTOUSH (Al-Libi; Abd al-Muhsin; Ibrahim Ali Muhammad Abu Bakr; Abdul Rahman; Abu Anas; Ibrahim Abubaker Tantouche; Ibrahim Abubaker Tantoush; ‘Abd al-Muhsi; ‘Abd al-Rahman)*; 1966 г.р., al Aziziyya, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

172. IBRAHIM BEN HEDHILI BEN MOHAMED AL-HAMAMI*; 20.11.1971 г.р., Koubellat, Tunisia.

173. IBRAHIM HASSAN TALI AL-ASIRI (Ibrahim Hassan Tali Asiri; Ibrahim Hasan Talea Aseeri; Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri; Ibrahim Hasan Tali Asiri; Ibrahim Hassan Tali Assiri; Ibrahim Hasan Tali’A ‘Asiri; Ibrahim Hasan Tali al-‘Asiri; Ibrahim al-‘Asiri; Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri; Abu Saleh; Abosslah; Abu-Salaah)*; 19.04.1982 г.р., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. DOB: 18 Apr. 1982; 24/26/1402 (Hijri Calendar).

174. IBRAHIM MOHAMED KHALIL (Khalil Ibrahim Jassem; Khalil Ibrahim Mohammad; Khalil Ibrahim Al Zafiri; Khalil)*; 02.07.1975 г.р., Mosul, Iraq (02.05.1972 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq; 03.07.1975 г.р., Mosul, Iraq; 1972 г.р.; 02.05.1975 г.р.).

175. IMAD BEN AL-MEKKI BEN AL-AKHDAR AL-ZARKAOUI (Zarga; Nadra)*; 15.01.1973 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

176. IMAD BEN BECHIR BEN HAMDA AL-JAMMALI*; 25.01.1968 г.р., Menzel Temine, Tunisia.

177. ISAM ALI MOHAMED ALOUCHE (Mansour Thaer)*; 21.03.1974 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq, 1972 (21.03.1974 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq).

178. ISMAIL ABDALLAH SBAITAN SHALABI (Ismain Shalabe; Ismail Abdallah Sbaitan Shalabi)*; 30.04.1973 г.р., Beckum, Germany (30.04.1973 г.р., Beckum; 30.04.1973 г.р., Beckum).

179. ISMAIL MOHAMED ISMAIL ABU SHAWEESH*; 10.03.1977 г.р., Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

180. ISNILON TOTONI HAPILON (Isnilon Hapilun; Isnilun Hapilun; Abu Musab; Salahudin; Tuan Isnilon)*; 18.03.1966 г.р., Bulanza, Lantawan, Basilan, the Philippines. Возможно 10.03.1967 г.р.

181. JABER ABDALLAH JABER AHMAD AL-JALAHMAH (Jaber Al-Jalahmah; Abu Muhammad Al-Jalahmah; Jabir Abdallah Jabir Ahmad Jalahmah; Jabir ‘Abdallah Jabir Ahmad Al-Jalamah; Jabir Al-Jalhami; Abdul-Ghani; Abu Muhammad)*; 24.09.1959 г.р., Al-Khitan area, Kuwait.

182. JAINAL ANTEL SALI JR. (Abu Solaiman; Abu Solayman; Apong Solaiman; Apung)*; 01.06.1965 г.р., Barangay Lanote, Bliss, Isabela, Basilan, the Philippines.

183. JALALUDDIN HAQQANI (Jalaluddin Haqani; Jallalouddin Haqqani; Jallalouddine Haqani)*; 1942 г.р., Khost province, Zadran district, Afghanistan.

184. JAMAL HOUSNI (Djamel Il maroccino; Jamal Al Maghrebi; Hicham)*; 22.02.1983 г.р., Morocco.


186. JANAN AGHA*; 1958 г.р., Central Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958.

187. KAMAL BEN MAOELDI BEN HASSAN AL-HAMRAOUI (Kamel; Kimo)*; 21.10.1977 г.р., Beja, Tunisia.

188. KAMAL BEN MOHAMED BEN AHMED DARRAJI (Kamel Darraji)*; 22.07.1967 г.р., Menzel Bouzelfa, Tunisia.

189. KAMEL DJERMANE (Bilal; Adel; Fodhil; Abou Abdeljalil)*; 12.10.1965 г.р., Oum el Bouaghi, Algeria.

190. KHADAFI ABUBAKAR JANJALANI (Khadafy Janjalani; Khaddafy Abubakar Janjalani; Abu Muktar)*; 03.03.1975 г.р., Isabela, Basilan, Philippines.

191. KHAIRULLAH KHAIRKHWAH (Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwah)*; 1963 г.р., Arghistan district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1963.

192. KHALID ABD AL-RAHMAN HAMD AL-FAWAZ (Al-Fauwaz Khaled; Al-Fauwaz Khaled A.; Al Fawwaz Khalik; Al-Fawwaz Khaled; Al Fawwaz Khaled; Al-Fawwaz Khalid; Khalid Abdulrahman H. Al Fawaz)*; 24.08.1962 г.р., Kuwait.

193. KHALIFA MUHAMMAD TURKI AL-SUBAIY (Khalifa Mohd Turki Alsubaie; Khalifa Mohd Turki al-Subaie; Khalifa Al-Subayi; Khalifa Turki bin Muhammad bin al-Suaiy)*; 01.01.1965 г.

194. KHALIL AHMED HAQQANI (Khalil Al-Rahman Haqqani; Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani; Khaleel Haqqani)*; 01.01.1966 г.р., DOB: a) 1 Jan. 1966 b) Between 1958 and 1964.

195. KHALIL BEN AHMED BEN MOHAMED JARRAYA (Khalil Yarraya; Ben Narvan Abdel Aziz; Amro; Omar; Amrou; Amr; Abdel Aziz Ben Narvan)*; 08.02.1969 г.р., Sfax, Tunisia (15.08.1970 г.р., Sereka, former Yugoslavia; 15.08.1970 г.р., Sereka, former Yugoslavia).

196. LIONEL DUMONT (Jacques Brougere; Bilal; Abu Hamza; Di Karlo Antonio; Merlin Oliver Christian Rene; Arfauni Imad Ben Yousset Hamza; Imam Ben Yussuf Arfaj; Hamza; Abou Hamza; Arfauni Imad; Koumkal; Kumkal; Merlin; Tinet; Brugere; Dimon)*; 21.01.1971 г.р., Robaix , France.

197. LOTFI BEN ABDUL HAMID BEN ALI AL-RIHANI (Abderrahmane; Lofti Ben Abdul Hamid Ben Ali Al-Rihani)*; 01.07.1977 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

198. MADHAT MURSI AL-SAYYID UMAR (Abu Hasan; Abu Khabab; Abu Rabbab)*; 19.10.1953 г.р., Alexandria, Egypt.

199. MAHFOUZ OULD AL-WALID (Abu Hafs the Mauritanian; Khalid Al-Shanqiti; Mafouz Walad Al-Walid)*; 01.01.1975 г.

200. MAHMOOD SULTAN BASHIR-UD-DIN (Mahmood Sultan Bashiruddin; Mehmood Dr. Bashir Uddin; Mekmud Sultan Baishiruddin)*; 1937 г.р., Возможно г.р. 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945.

201. MAHMOUD MOHAMMAD AHMED BAHAZIQ (Bahaziq Mahmoud; Abu Abd al-‘Aziz; Abu Abdul Aziz; Shaykh Sahib)*; 17.08.1943 г.р., India.

202. MAJEED ABDUL CHAUDHRY (Majeed Abdul; Majeed Chaudhry Abdul; Majid Abdul)*; 15.04.1939 г.р., DOB: a) 15 Apr. 1939 b) 1938.

203. MAMOUN DARKAZANLI (Abu Ilyas; Abu Ilyas Al Suri; Abu Luz; Abu Al Loh; Abu Ylias)*; 04.08.1958 г.р., Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.

204. MATIULLAH*; 1973 г.р., Daman district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1973.

205. MAXAMED CABDULLAAH CIISE (Maxamed Cabdullaahi Ciise; Maxammed Cabdullaahi; Cabdullah Mayamed Ciise)*; 08.10.1974 г.р., Kismaayo,Somalia.

206. MAZEN SALAH MOHAMMED (Issa Salah Muhamad; Mazen Ali Hussein)*; 18.05.1981 г.р., Arbil, Iraq (01.01.1980 г.; 01.01.1982 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq).

207. MEHDI BEN MOHAMED BEN MOHAMED KAMMOUN (Salmane)*; 03.04.1968 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

208. MEHREZ BEN MAHMOUD BEN SASSI AL-AMDOUNI (Fabio Fusco; Mohamed Hassan; Abu Thale)*; 18.12.1969 г.р., Asima-Tunis, Tunisia.

209. MERAI ZOGHBAI (F’raji di Singapore; F’raji il Libico; Mohamed Lebachir; Meri Albdelfattah Zgbye; Zoghbai Merai Abdul Fattah; Lazrag Faraj; Larzg Ben Ila; Farag; Fredj; Muhammed El Besir)*; 04.04.1969 г.р., Bengasi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. DOB: a) 04.04.1969 b) 04.04.1960 c) 04.06.1960 (14.01.1968 г.р., Morocco; 04.06.1960 г.р., Bengasi, Libya; 13.11.1960 г.р., Libya; 11.08.1960 г.р., Libya; 13.11.1960 г.р., Libya).

210. MOHAMAD IQBAL ABDURRAHMAN (Rahman Mohamad Iqbal; A Rahman Mohamad Iqbal; Abu Jibril Abdurrahman; Fikiruddin Muqti; Fihiruddin Muqti; Abu Jibril)*; 17.08.1958 г.р., Tirpas-Selong Village, East Lombok, Indonesia.

211. MOHAMED AMIN MOSTAFA*; 11.10.1975 г.р., Karkuk, Iraq.

212. MOHAMED AMINE AKLI (Akli Amine Mohamed; Killech Shamir; Kali Sami; Elias)*; 30.03.1972 г.р., Bordj el Kiffane, Algeria.

213. MOHAMED AOUANI (Lased Ben Heni; Mohamed Abu Abda; Al-As’ad Ben Hani; Mohamed Ben Belgacem Awani; Abu Obeida)*; 05.02.1970 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia (05.02.1969 г.р., in Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya; 05.02.1969 г.р., in Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya).

214. MOHAMED BELKALEM (Abdelali Abou Dher; El Harrachi)*; 19.12.1969 г.р., Hussein Dey, Algiers, Algeria.

215. MOHAMED BEN BELGACEM BEN ABDALLAH AL-AOUADI (Aouadi Mohamed Ben Belkacem; Fathi Hannachi)*; 11.12.1974 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

216. MOHAMED BEN MOHAMED BEN KHALIFA ABDELHEDI (Mohamed Ben Mohamed Abdelhedi)*; 10.08.1965 г.р., Sfax, Tunisia.

217. MOHAMED EL MAHFOUDI*; 24.09.1964 г.р., Agadir, Morocco.

218. MOHAMED GHASSAN ALI ABU DHESS (Yaser Hassan; Abu Ali Abu Mohamed Dhees; Mohamed Abu Dhess)*; 22.06.1966 г.р., Irbid, Jordan (01.02.1966 г.р., Hasmija; 01.02.1966 г.р., Hasmija; 01.02.1966 г.р., Hashmija, Iraq).

219. MOHAMED SA’ID (Atom; Mohamed Sa’id Atom; Mohamed Siad Atom)*; 1966 г.р., Galgala, Somalia.

220. MOHAMMAD ABBAS AKHUND*; 1963 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

221. MOHAMMAD AHMADI*; 1963 г.р., Daman district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.


223. MOHAMMAD AZAM ELMI*; 1968 г.р.

224. MOHAMMAD DAUD*; 1956 г.р., Kabul.

225. MOHAMMAD ESHAQ AKHUNZADA*; Qarabajh district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963-1968.

226. MOHAMMAD ESSA AKHUND*; 1958 г.р., Spinboldak district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958.

227. MOHAMMAD HAMDI MOHAMMAD SADIQ AL-AHDAL (Al-Hamati Muhammad; Muhammad Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ahdal; Abu AsimAl-Makki; Mohamed Mohamed Abdullah Al-Ahdal; Ahmed)*; 19.11.1971 г.р., Medina, Saudi Arabia.

228. MOHAMMAD HASAN RAHMANI*; Panjwae district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.

229. MOHAMMAD HASSAN AKHUND*; 1958 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.


231. MOHAMMAD HUSAYN MUSTAS’ID (Mohammad Hassan Mastasaeed; Mstasaeed; Mostas’eed; Mohammad Husayn Mastasaeed)*; 1964 г.р.

232. MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM OMARI*; Zadran valley, Khost province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958.

233. MOHAMMAD ILYAS KASHMIRI (Muhammad Ilyas Kashmiri; Elias al-Kashmiri; Ilyas, Naib Amir)*; 02.01.1964 г.р., Bhimber, Samahai Valley, Pakistan-administered Kashmir. DOB: 10 Feb. 1964.


235. MOHAMMAD MOSLIM HAQQANI (Moslim Haqqani)*; 1958 г.р., Baghlan province, Afghanistan.

236. MOHAMMAD NAIM (Mullah Naeem)*.

237. MOHAMMAD RABBANI*; 1961 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

238. MOHAMMAD RASUL*; Spinboldak district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1958-1963.

239. MOHAMMAD SADIQ AMIR MOHAMMAD*; 1934 г.р., Ghazni, Afghanistan.



242. MOHAMMAD SEDIQ AKHUNDZADA*; Kabul province, Afghanistan DOB: Between 1953 and 1958.


244. MOHAMMAD SHAFIQ MOHAMMADI*; Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1948.



247. MOHAMMAD TAHIR HAMMID (Abdekhamid Al Kurdi)*; 01.11.1975 г.р., Poshok, Iraq.

248. MOHAMMAD WALI*; Kandahar province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1965.


250. MOHAMMAD ZAHID*; 1971 г.р., Logar, Afghanistan.

251. MOHAMMADULLAH MATI*; Arghandab district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

252. MOHAMMED AHMED SHAWKI AL ISLAMBOLLY (Abu Khalid; Abu Ja’far)*; 21.01.1952 г.р., El-Minya, Egypt.

253. MOHAMMED AL GHABRA*; 01.06.1980 г.р., Damascus, Syria.

254. MOHAMMED OMAR*; Uruzgan province, Adehrawood village; DOB: Approximately 1966.

255. MOHAMMED TUFAIL (Tufail S. M.; Tuffail Sheik Mohammed)*; 05.05.1930 г.р.

256. MOHAMMED YAHYA MUJAHID (Mohammad Yahya Aziz)*; 12.03.1961 г.р., Lahore, Punjab Province, Pakistan.

257. MOKHTAR BELMOKHTAR (Abou Abbes Khaled; Belaouar Khaled Abou El Abass; Belaouer Khaled Abou El Abass; Belmokhtar Khaled Abou El Abes; Khaled Abou El Abass; Khaled Abou El Abbes; Khaled Abou El Abes; Khaled Abulabbas Na Oor; Mukhtar Balmukhtar; Belaoua; Belaour)*; 01.06.1972 г.р., Ghardaia, Algeria.

258. MONDHER BEN MOHSEN BEN ALI AL-BAAZAOUI (Hamza; Manza Mondher; Hanza Mondher; Al Yamani Noman; Abdellah)*; 18.03.1967 г.р., Kairouan, Tunisia (18.08.1968 г.р., Tunisia; 18.08.1968 г.р., Tunisia; 28.05.1961 г.р., Yemen).

259. MOSTAFA KAMEL MOSTAFA IBRAHIM (Mustafa Kamel Mustafa; Adam Ramsey Eaman; Abu Hamza Al-Masri; Al-Masri Abu Hamza; Al-Misri Abu Hamza; Kamel Mustapha Mustapha; Mustapha Kamel Mustapha; Abu Hamza; Mostafa Kamel Mostafa)*; 15.04.1958 г.р., Alexandria, Egypt.

260. MOUNIR BEN HABIB BEN AL-TAHER JARRAYA (Yarraya)*; 25.10.1963 г.р., Sfax, Tunisia.

261. MOUNIR EL MOTASSADEQ (Mounir el Moutassadeq)*; 03.04.1974 г.р., Marrakesh, Morocco.

262. MOURAD BEN ALI BEN AL-BASHEER AL-TRABELSI (Abou Djarrah)*; 20.05.1969 г.р., Menzel Temime, Tunisia.

263. MOUSSA BEN OMAR BEN ALI ESSAADI (Dah Dah; Abdelrahmman; Bechir)*; 04.12.1964 г.р., Tabarka, Tunisia.

264. MOUSTAFA ABBES (Mostafa Abbes; Mostafa Abbas; Mustafa Abbas; Moustapha Abbes)*; 05.02.1962 г.р., Osniers, Algeria (05.02.1962 г.р., France).

265. MUBARAK MUSHAKHAS SANAD MUBARAK AL-BATHALI (Mubarak Mishkhis Sanad Al-Bathali; Mubarak Mishkhis Sanad Al-Badhali; Mubarak Al-Bathali; Mubarak Mishkhas Sanad Al-Bathali; Mubarak Mishkhas Sanad Al-Bazali; Mobarak Meshkhas Sanad Al-Bthaly; Abu Abdulrahman)*; 01.10.1961 г.р., Kuwait.

266. MUFTI RASHID AHMAD LADEHYANOY (Ludhianvi Mufti Rashid Ahmad; Armad Mufti Rasheed; Wadehyanoy Mufti Rashid Ahmad)*.

267. MUHAMMAD ABDALLAH HASAN ABU-AL-KHAYR (Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Abul-Khair; Muhammad Abdallah Hasan Abu-al-Khayr; Muhammad Bin-‘Abdullah Bin-Hamd Abu -al-Khayr; Abdallah al-Halabi; ‘Abdallah al-Halabi al-Madani; Abdallah al-Makki; Abdallah el-Halabi; Abdullah al-Halabi; Abu ‘Abdallah al-Halabi; Abu Abdallah al-Madani; Muhannad al-Jaddawi)*; 19.06.1975 г.р., Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia.

268. MUHAMMAD ISLAM MOHAMMADI*; Rori-Du-Aab district, Samangan province, Afghanistan; DOB: Between 1953 and 1958.

269. MUHAMMAD TAHER ANWARI (Mohammad Taher Anwari; Haji Mudir)*; 1961 г.р., Zurmat district, Paktia province, Afghanistan.

270. MUHAMMAD ABDALLAH SALIH SUGHAYR (Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Sughayir; Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Sughaier; Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Sughayer; Mohd Al-Saghir; Muhammad Al-Sugayer; Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Sughair; Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Sugair; Muhammad Abdallah Salih Al-Suqayr; Abu Bakr; Abu Abdullah; Mohammad Abdullah S Ssughayer)*; 20.08.1972 г.р., 10.08.1972г.р., Al-Karawiya, Oneiza, Saudi Arabia.

271. MUHSIN FADHIL AYED ASHOUR AL-FADHLI (Muhsin Fadhil ‘Ayyid al Fadhli; Muhsin Fadil Ayid Ayshur al Fadhli; Abu Majid Samiyah; Abu Samia)*; 24.04.1981 г.р., Kuwait.

272. MUHSIN MOUSSA MATWALLI ATWAH DEWEDAR (Al-Muhajir Abdul Rahman; Al-Namer Mohammed K.A.; Abdel Rahman; Abdul Rahman)*; 19.06.1964 г.р., Dakahliya, Egypt.

273. MUSTAFA MOHAMED FADHIL (Al Masri Abd Al Wakil; Ali Hassan; Anis Abu; Elbishy Moustafa Ali; Fadil Mustafa Muhamad; Fazul Mustafa; Mohammed Mustafa; Al-Nubi Abu; Hussein; Jihad Abu; Khalid; Man Nu; Yussrr Abu; Mustafa Ali Elbishy)*; 23.06.1976 г.р., Cairo, Egypt. DOB: 01.01.1976.

274. MUSTAPHA AHMED MOHAMED OSMAN ABU EL YAZEED (Shaykh Sai’id; Mustapha Mohamed Ahmed)*; 27.02.1955 г.р., El Sharkiya, Egypt.

275. MUTHANNA HARITH AL-DARI (Dr. Muthanna Al Dari; Muthana Harith Al Dari; Muthanna Harith Sulayman Al-Dari; Muthanna Harith Sulayman Al-Dhari; Muthanna Hareth Al-Dhari; Muthana Haris Al-Dhari; Doctor Muthanna Harith Sulayman Al Dari Al-Zawba’; Muthanna Harith Sulayman Al-Dari Al-Zobai; Muthanna Harith Sulayman Al-Dari al-Zawba’i; Muthanna Hareth al-Dari; Muthana Haris al-Dari; Doctor Muthanna al-Dari; Dr. Muthanna Harith al-Dari al-Zowbai)*; 16.06.1969 г.р., Iraq.

276. NABIL BEN MOHAMED BEN ALI BEN ATTIA (Abu Salim)*; 11.05.1966 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

277. NAJIB BEN MOHAMED BEN SALEM AL-WAZ (Ouaz Najib)*; 12.04.1960 г.р., Hekaima Al-Mehdiya, Tunisia.

278. NAJIBULLAH HAQQANI HYDAYETULLAH (Najibullah Haqani)*; 1964 г.р.

279. NAJIBULLAH MUHAMMAD JUMA (Najib Ullah)*; 1954 г.р., Farah.

280. NAJMIDDIN KAMOLITDINOVICH JALOLOV*; 1972 г.р., Andijan Region, Uzbekistan.

281. NAJMUDDIN FARAJ AHMAD (Mullah Krekar; Fateh Najm Eddine Farraj; Faraj Ahmad Najmuddin)*; 07.07.1956 г.р., Olaqloo Sharbajer, Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Iraq. DOB: 17.07.1963.

282. NASHWAN ABD AL-RAZZAQ ABD AL-BAQI (Abdal Al-Hadi Al-Iraqi; Abu Abdallah; Abd Al-Hadi Al-Iraqi)*; 1961 г.р., Mosul, Iraq.

283. NASIR ‘ABD-AL-KARIM ‘ABDULLAH AL-WAHISHI (Nasir al-Wahishi; Abu Basir Nasir al-Wahishi; Naser Abdel Karim al-Wahishi; Nasir Abd al-Karim al-Wuhayshi; Abu Basir Nasir Al-Wuhayshi; Nasser Abdul-karim Abdullah al-Wouhichi; Abu Baseer al-Wehaishi; Abu Basir Nasser al-Wuhishi; Abdul Kareem Abdullah Al-Woohaishi; Nasser Abdelkarim Saleh Al Wahichi; Abu Basir; Abu Bashir)*; 01.10.1976 г.р., Yemen. DOB: a) 1 Oct. 1976 b) 08/10/1396 (Hijri Calendar).

284. NASIRUDDIN HAQQANI (Naseer Haqqani; Dr. Naseer Haqqani; Nassir Haqqani; Nashir Haqqani; Naseruddin; Dr. Alim Ghair)*; Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1970-1973.

285. NASR FAHMI NASR HASSANNEIN (Muhammad Salah; Naser Fahmi Naser Hussein)*; 30.10.1962 г.р., Cairo, Egypt.

286. NAYIF BIN-MUHAMMAD AL-QAHTANI (Nayif Bin-Muhammad al-Qahtani; Nayef Bin Muhammad al-Qahtani; Nayif Muhammad al-Qahtani; Nayf Mohammed al-Qahtani; Naif Mohammad Said al-Qahtani Alkodri; Naif Mohammed Saeed al-Kodari al-Qahtani; Nayef Bin Mohamed al-Khatani; Mohammed Naif al-Khatani; Nayef bin Mohamed al-Khatany; Al-Qahtani Abohemem; Abi Hamam; Abu-Hamam; Abu-Humam; Abu-Hammam; Abu Hammam al-Qahtani)*; 25.03.1988 г.р., Saudi Arabia.


288. NAZIH ABDUL HAMED NABIH AL-RUQAI’I (Anas Al-Liby; Anas Al-Sibai; Nazih Abdul Hamed Al-Raghie)*; 30.03.1964 г.р., Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. DOB: a) 30 Mar. 1964 b) 14 May 1964.

289. NAZIRULLAH HANAFI WALIULLAH (Nazirullah Aanafi Waliullah)*; 1962 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

290. NEDAL MAHMOUD SALEH (Hitem; Nedal Mahmoud N. Saleh; Salah Nedal; Hasim; Tarek Naser)*; 26.03.1972 г.р., Tunisia.

291. NESSIM BEN MOHAMED AL-CHERIF BEN MOHAMED SALEH AL-SAADI (Abou Anis; Nassim Saadi)*; 30.11.1974 г.р., Haidra Al-Qasreen, Tunisia.

292. NESSIM BEN ROMDHANE SAHRAOUI (Dass; Nasim al-Sahrawi)*; 03.08.1973 г.р., Bizerta, Tunisia.


294. NOOR JALAL (Nur Jalal)*; 1960 г.р., Kunar province, Afghanistan.

295. NOOR MOHAMMAD SAQIB*; Bagrami district, Kabul province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1958.

296. NOORDIN MOHAMMAD TOP (Nordin Mohd. Top)*; 11.08.1969 г.р., Johor, Malaysia.

297. NOORUDDIN TURABI MUHAMMAD QASIM (Noor ud Din Turabi)*; 1963 г.р., a)Kandahar, Afghanistanb) Chora district, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1963.

298. NOUREDDINE BEN ALI BEN BELKASSEM AL-DRISSI*; 30.04.1964 г.р., Tunis, Tunisia.

299. NURJAMAN RIDUAN ISAMUDDIN (Hambali; Nurjaman; Isomuddin Nurjaman Riduan; Hambali Bin Ending; Encep Nurjaman; Hambali Ending Hambali; Isamuddin Riduan; Isamudin Ridwan)*; 04.04.1964 г.р., Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia.

300. NURULLAH NURI*; Shahjoe district, Zabul province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1958.

301. OMAR MAHMOUD UTHMAN (Al-Samman Uthman; Umar Uthman; Abu Qatada Al-Filistini; Abu Umr Takfiri; Abu Omar Abu Umar; Abu Umar Umar; Abu Ismail; Omar Mohammed Othman)*; 30.12.1960 г.р., Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestinian Territories. DOB: a) 30 Dec. 1960 b) 13 Dec. 1960.

302. OTHMAN AHMED OTHMAN AL-GHAMDI*; 27.05.1979 г.р., Saudi Arabia.

303. OTHMAN DERAMCHI (Abou Youssef)*; 07.06.1954 г.р., Tighennif, Algeria.

304. PARLINDUNGAN SIREGAR (Siregar Parlin; Siregar Saleh Parlindungan)*; 25.04.1957 г.р., Indonesia. Возможно г.р. 25.04.1967.

305. PIO ABOGNE DE VERA (Ismael De Vera; Khalid; Ismael; Ismail; Manex; Tito Art; Dave; Leo)*; 19.12.1969 г.р., Bagac, Bagamanok, Catanduanes, Philippines.

306. QALAMUDIN SAR ANDAZ (Qalamuddin)*; Baraki Barak district, Logar province, Afghanistan. примерный г.р. 1958-1963.

307. QARI ABDUL WALI SEDDIQI*; 1974 г.р., Ghazni, Afghanistan.

308. QASIM YAHYA MAHDI AL-RIMI (Qasim Al-Rimi; Qasim al-Raymi; Qassim al-Raymi; Qasim al-Rami; Qasim Yahya Mahdi ‘Abd al-Rimi; Abu Hurayah al-Sana’ai; Abu ‘Ammar)*; 05.06.1978 г.р., Sanaa, Yemen.

309. QUDRATULLAH JAMAL (Haji Sahib)*; 1963 г.р., Gardez, Pakti provincea, Afghanistan.

310. RACHID FETTAR (Amine del Belgio; Djaffar)*; 16.04.1969 г.р., Boulogin, Algeria.

311. RADI ABD EL SAMIE ABOU EL YAZID EL AYASHI (Mera’I)*; 02.01.1972 г.р., El Gharbia, Egypt.

312. RADULAN SAHIRON (Radullan Sahiron; Radulan Sahirun; Radulan Sajirun; Commander Putol)*; 1955 г.р., Kaunayan, Patikul, Jolo Island, the Philippines. Возможно г.р. 1952.

313. RAFIK MOHAMAD YOUSEF (Mohamad Raific Kairadin)*; 27.08.1974 г.р., Baghdad, Iraq.

314. RAFIULLAH MUAZEN*; Paktia province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1943.

315. RAHIMULLAH ZURMATI*; Zurmat district, Paktia province, Afghanistan; Between 1953 and 1958.

316. RAHMATULLAH KAKAZADA (Rehmatullah; Kakazada; Mullah Nasir)*; 1968 г.р., Ghazni, Afghanistan.

317. RAHMATULLAH WAHIDYAR FAQIR MOHAMMAD (Ramatullah Wahidyar)*; 1957 г.р., Kotakhel village, Zormat district, Paktika province, Afghanistan.

318. RAMZI MOHAMED ABDULLAH BINALSHIBH (Binalshibh Ramzi Mohammed Abdullah; Ramzi Binalshib; Ramzi Mohamed Abdellah Omar Hassan Alassiri; Binalshibh Ramsi Mohamed Abdullah; Abu Ubaydah; ‘Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar; Binalsheidah, Ramzi Mohamed Abdullah; Bin Al Shibh, Ramzi; Omar, Ramzi Mohamed Abdellah; Mohamed Ali Abdullah Bawazir; Binalsheidah, Ramzi Mohamed Abdullah; Bin Al Shibh, Ramzi; Omar, Ramzi Mohamed Abdellah; Mohamed Ali Abdullah Bawazir; Binalshibh Ramzi Mohammed Abdullah; Ramzi Binalshib; Ramzi Mohamed Abdellah Omar Hassan Alassiri; Binalshibh Ramsi Mohamed Abdullah; Abu Ubaydah; ‘Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar; Ramzi Omar)*; 01.05.1972 г.р., a) Gheil Bawazir, Hadramawt, Yemen b) Khartoum, Sudan. DOB: 16 Sep. 1973.

319. REDENDO CAIN DELLOSA (Abu Ilonggo; Brandon Berusa; Abu Muadz; Arnulfo Alvarado; Habil Ahmad Dellosa; Uthman; Dodong; Troy)*; 15.05.1972 г.р., Punta, Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines.

320. REDOUANE EL HABHAB (Abdelrahman)*; 20.12.1969 г.р., Casablanca, Morocco.

321. RI’AD (RAED) MUHAMMAD HASAN MUHAMMAD HIJAZI (Hijazi Raed M.; Al-Hawen Abu-Ahmad; Al-Shahid Abu-Ahmad; Al-Maghribi Rashid; Al-Amriki Abu-Ahmad)*; 30.12.1968 г.р., California, United States of America.

322. RIADH BEN BELKASSEM BEN MOHAMED AL-JELASSI*; 15.12.1970 г.р., Al-Mohamedia, Tunisia.

323. RICARDO PEREZ AYERAS (Abdul Kareem Ayeras; Abdul Karim Ayeras; Ricky Ayeras; Jimboy; Isaac Jay Galang Perez; Abdul Mujib)*; 15.09.1973 г.р., 24 Paraiso Street, Barangay Poblacion, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

324. RUBEN PESTANO LAVILLA, JR (Reuben Lavilla; Sheik Omar; Mile D Lavilla; Reymund Lavilla; Ramo Lavilla; Mike de Lavilla; Abdullah Muddaris; Ali Omar; Omar Lavilla; Omar Labella; So; Eso; Junjun)*; 04.10.1972 г.р., Sitio Banga Maiti, Barangay Tranghawan, Lambunao, Iloilo, Philippines.

325. RUSTUM HANAFI HABIBULLAH (Rostam Nuristani)*; 1963 г.р., Dara Kolum, Do Aab district, Nuristan province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1963.

326. SA’D ABDULLAH HUSSEIN AL-SHARIF*; 1969 г.р., Al-Medinah, Saudi Arabia, DOB: 1963; 11.02.1964.

327. SAAD RASHED MOHAMMAD AL-FAQIH (Abu Uthman Sa’d Al-Faqih; Sa’ad Al-Faqih; Saad Alfagih; Sa’d Al-Faqi; Saad Al Faqih; Saad Al-Fagih; Saad Al-Fakih; Saad Al-Faqih; Sa d Rashid Muhammed Al-Fageeh)*; 01.02.1957 г.р., Al-Zubair, Iraq. DOB: a) 1 Feb. 1957 b) 31 Jan. 1957.

328. SADUDDIN SAYYED (Sadudin Sayed; Sadruddin)*; 1968 г.р., Chaman district, Pakistan. DOB: Approximately 1968.

329. SAID AHMED SHAHIDKHEL*; 1975 г.р., Central Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1975.

330. SAID ALI AL-SHIHRI (Sa id Ali Jabir al-Kathim al-Shihri; Said Ali Al Shahri; Said Ali Jaber Al Khasaam Al Shahri; Said Ali Jaber Al Khassam; Abu-Sayyaf; Abu-Sufyan al-Azidi; Abu-Sayyaf al-Shihri; Abu Sufian Kadhdhaab Matrook; Salah; Salah Abu Sufyan; Salah al-Din; Abu Osama; Abu Sulaiman; Nur al-Din Afghani Azibk; Alahhaddm; Akhdam; Abu Sufian Al Azadi; Abu Asmaa)*; 12.09.1973 г.р., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

331. SAID BAHAJI (Zouheir Al Maghribi; Mohamed Abbattay; Abderrahmane Al Maghribi)*; 15.07.1975 г.р., Haselunne, Lower Saxony, Germany.

332. SAID BEN ABDELHAKIM BEN OMAR AL-CHERIF (Djallal; Youcef; Abou Salman)*; 25.01.1970 г.р., Menzel Temine, Tunisia.

333. SAID JAN ‘ABD AL-SALAM (Sa’id Jan ‘Abd-al-Salam; Dilawar Khan Zain Khan; Qazi ‘Abdallah; Qazi Abdullah; Ibrahim Walid; Qasi Sa’id Jan; Said Jhan; Farhan Khan; Aziz Cairo; Nangiali)*; 05.02.1981 г.р. (01.01.1972 г.р.).

334. SAID YOUSSEF ALI ABU AZIZA (Abdul Hamid; Abu Therab)*; 1958 г.р., Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

335. SAIFI AMMARI (El Para; Abderrezak Le Para; Abou Haidara; El Ourassi; Abderrezak Zaimeche; Abdul Rasak ammane Abu Haidra; Abdalarak)*; 01.01.1968 г.р., Kef Rih, Algeria; Guelma, Algeria.

336. SAIYID ABD AL-MAN (Abdul Manan; Agha Haji; Am)*.

337. SAJID MOHAMMED BADAT (Abu Issa; Saajid Badat; Sajid Badat; Muhammed Badat; Sajid Muhammad Badat; Saajid Mohammad Badet; Muhammed Badet; Sajid Muhammed Badet; Sajid Mahomed Badat)*; 28.03.1979 г.р., Gloucester, United Kingdom. Возможно дата рождения: 08.03.1976.

338. SALAH GASMI (Abou Mohamed Salah; Bounouadher)*; 13.04.1971 г.р., Zeribet El Oued, Wilaya (province) of Biskra, Algeria.

339. SALEH MOHAMMAD KAKAR (Saleh Mohammad)*; 1962 г.р., Nulgham Village, Panjwai District, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

340. SALEM NOR ELDIN AMOHAMED AL-DABSKI (Abu Al-Ward; Abdullah Ragab; Abu Naim)*; 1963 г.р., Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

341. SALIM AHMAD SALIM HAMDAN (Saqr Al-Jaddawi; Saqar AL Jadawi; Saqar Aljawadi; Salem Ahmed Salem Hamdan)*; 1965 г.р., POB: a) Al-Mukalla, Yemen b) Al-Mukala, Yemen.

342. SALIM Y SALAMUDDIN JULKIPLI (Kipli Sali; Julkipli Salim)*; 20.06.1967 г.р., Tulay, Jolo Sulu, Phillippines.

343. SAMI BEN KHAMIS BEN SALEH ELSSEID (Omar El Mouhajer; Saber)*; 10.02.1968 г.р., Menzel Jemil, Bizerte, Tunisia.

344. SAMIR ABD EL LATIF EL SAYED KISHK*; 14.05.1955 г.р., Gharbia, Egypt.

345. SANANI*; Zabul province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1923.

346. SAYED ALLAMUDDIN ATHEER (Sayed Allamuddin Athear)*; 15.02.1955 г.р., Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

347. SAYED ESMATULLAH ASEM (Esmatullah Asem)*; 1967 г.р., Ningarhar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1967.

348. SAYED MOHAMMAD AZIM AGHA (Sayed Mohammad Azim Agha; Agha Saheb)*; 1966 г.р., Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1966.

349. SAYEEDUR RAHMAN HAQANI (Sayed Urrahman)*; 1952 г.р., Kunar province, Afghanistan.

350. SAYF-AL ADL (Saif Al-‘Adil)*; 1963 г.р., Egypt.

351. SAYYED GHIASSOUDDINE AGHA (Sayed Ghias; Sayed Ghiasuddin Sayed Ghousuddin; Sayyed Ghayasudin)*; Faryab province, Afghanistan.

352. SAYYED MOHAMMED HAQQANI (Sayyed Mohammad Haqqani)*; 1965 г.р., Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

353. SHAFIQ BEN MOHAMED BEN MOHAMED AL-AYADI (Bin Muhammad Ayadi Chafiq; Ayadi Chafic Ben Muhammad; Aiadi Ben Muhammad; Aiady Ben Muhammad; Ayadi Shafig Ben Mohamed; Ben Mohamed Ayadi Chafig; Abou El Baraa; Chafiq Ayadi; Chafik Ayadi; Ayadi Chafiq; Ayadi Chafik; Ajadi Chafik)*; 21.01.1963 г.р., Sfax, Tunisia.

354. SHAHABUDDIN DELAWAR*; 1957 г.р., Logar province, Afghanistan.

355. SHAMS UR-RAHMAN SHER ALAM (Shamsurrahman; Shams-u-Rahman)*; Suroobi district, Kabul province, Afghanistan.

356. SHAMSUDIN*; Keshim district, Badakhshan province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1968.

357. SHAMSULLAH KMALZADA (Shamsalah Kmalzada)*.

358. SHEIKH AHMED SALIM SWEDAN (Ahmed Ally; Sheikh Ahmad Salem Suweidan; Sheikh Swedan; Sheikh Ahmed Salem Swedan; Ahmed The Tall; Bahamad; Sheik Bahamad; Sheikh Bahamadi; Ally Ahmad; Muhamed Sultan; Sheik Ahmed Salim Sweden; Sleyum Salum; Sheikh Bahamad; Sheikh Ahmed Salam)*; 09.04.1969 г.р., Mombasa, Kenya. DOB: a) 9 Apr. 1960 b) 9 Apr. 1969 c) 4 Sep. 1969.

359. SHER MOHAMMAD ABBAS STANEKZAI*; Logar province, Afghanistan. Примерный г.р. 1963.

360. SIRAJUDDIN JALLALOUDINE HAQQANI (Siraj Haqqani; Serajuddin Haqani; Siraj Haqani; Saraj Haqani; Khalifa)*; 1977 г.р., a) Danda, Miramshah, North Waziristan, Pakistan b) Srana village, Garda Saray district, Paktia province, Afghanistan c) Neka district, Paktika province, Afghanistan d) Khost province, Afghanistan. DOB: approximately 1977/1978.

361. SOBHI ABD AL AZIZ MOHAMED EL GOHARY ABU SINNA (Sheik Taysir Abdullah; Mohamed Atef; Abu Hafs Al Masri; Abu Hafs Al Masri El Khabir; Taysir)*; 17.01.1958 г.р., El Behira, Egypt.

362. SUHAYL FATILLOEVICH BURANOV*; 1983 г.р., Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

363. SULAIMAN JASSEM SULAIMAN ALI ABO GHAITH (Abo Ghaith)*; 14.12.1965 г.р., Kuwait.

364. SULAYMAN KHALID DARWISH (Abu Al-Ghadiya)*; 1976 г.р., Outside Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic. Approximately 1974.

365. SULIMAN HAMD SULEIMAN AL-BUTHE (Soliman H.S. Al Buthi)*; 08.12.1961 г.р., Cairo, Egypt.

366. TAHA*; 1963 г.р., Ningarhar province, Afghanistan. DOB: Approximately 1963.

367. TAHIS*.

368. TAREK BEN HABIB BEN AL-TOUMI AL-MAAROUFI (Abu Ismail; Abou Ismail el Jendoubi; Abou Ismail Al Djoundoubi)*; 23.11.1965 г.р., Ghardimaou, Tunisia.

369. TARIQ ANWAR EL SAYED AHMED (Hamdi Ahmad Farag; Amr Al-Fatih Fathi)*; 15.03.1963 г.р., Alexandria, Egypt.

370. TAUFIK RIFKI (Refke Taufek; Rifqi Taufik; Rifqi Tawfiq; Ami Iraq; Ami Irza; Amy Erja; Ammy Erza; Ammy Izza; Ami Kusoman; Abu Obaida; Abu Obaidah; Abu Obeida; Abu Ubaidah; Obaidah; Abu Obayda; Izza Kusoman; Yacub Eric)*; 29.08.1974 г.р., Dacusuman Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Dacusuman Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Возможно г.р.: 09.08.1974 or 19.08.1974 or 19.08.1980.

371. TAYEB NAIL (Djaafar Abou Mohamed; Abou Mouhadjir; Mohamed Ould Ahmed Ould Ali)*; 1972 г.р., Faidh El Batma, Djelfa, Algeria. DOB: Approximately 1972 (1976 г.р.).

372. THARWAT SALAH SHIHATA (Tarwat Salah Abdallah; Salah Shihata Thirwat; Shahata Thirwat; Tharwat Salah Shihata Ali)*; 29.06.1960 г.р., Egypt.

373. UBAIDULLAH AKHUND (Obaidullah Akhund; Obaid Ullah Akhund)*; 1968 г.р., Kandahar, Afghanistan.

374. USAMA MUHAMMED AWAD BIN LADEN (Usama Bin Laden; Usama Bin Muhammed Bin Awad Osama Bin Laden; Abu Abdallah Abd Al-Hakim; Ben Laden Osama; Ben Laden Ossama; Ben Laden Usama; Bin Laden Osama Mohamed Awdh; Bin Laden Usamah Bin Muhammad; Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin; Usamah Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin; Al Qaqa; Usama bin Ladin; Osama bin Ladin; Usamah bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Ladin)*; 30.07.1957 г.р., 1) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2) Yemen. DOB: 28.07.1957; 10.03.1957; 01.01.1957; 1956; 1957.

375. WA’ EL HAMZA ABD AL-FATAH JULAIDAN (Wa’il Hamza Julaidan; Wa’el Hamza Jalaidan; Wa’il Hamza Jalaidan; Wa’il Hamza Jaladin; Abu Al-Hasan Al Madani; Wa’el Hamza Jaladin; Wail H.A. Jlidan)*; 22.01.1958 г.р., Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia. DOB: 20.01.1958.

376. WALI UR REHMAN*; 1970 г.р., Pakistan.

377. WALIJAN*; Quetta, Pakistan; DOB: Approximately 1968.

378. WAN MIN WAN MAT (Abu Hafis; Wan Halim; Abu Hidayah)*; 23.09.1960 г.р., Kelantan, Malaysia.

379. YACINE AHMED NACER (Yacine Di Annaba; Il Lungo; Naslano)*; 02.12.1967 г.р., Annaba, Algeria.

380. YAHIA DJOUADI (Yahia Abou Ammar; Abou Ala)*; 01.01.1967 г.р., M’Hamid, Wilaya (province) of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria.

381. YAR MOHAMMAD RAHIMI*; Panjwaee district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan; DOB: Approximately 1953.

382. YASIN ABDULLAH EZZEDINE QADI (Kadi Shaykh Yassin Abdullah; Kahdi Yasin; Yasin Al-Qadi)*; 23.02.1955 г.р., Cairo, Egypt.

383. YASIN ALI BAYNAH (Ali, Yasin Baynah; Ali, Yassin Mohamed; Baynah, Yasin; Baynah, Yassin; Baynax, Yasiin Cali; Beenah, Yasin; Beenah, Yassin; Beenax, Yasin; Beenax, Yassin; Benah, Yasin; Benah, Yassin; Benax, Yassin; Beynah, Yasin; Binah, Yassin; Cali, Yasiin Baynax)*; 1966 г.

384. YASSER MOHAMED ISMAIL ABU SHAWEESH (Yasser Mohamed Abou Shaweesh)*; 20.11.1973 г.р., Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

385. YASSIN SYWAL (Salim Yasin; Mochtar Yasin Mahmud; Abdul Hadi Yasin; Muhamad Mubarok; Muhammad Syawal; Abu Seta; Mahmud; Abu Muamar)*; 1972 г.р.

386. YASSINE CHEKKOURI*; 06.10.1966 г.р., Safi, Morocco.

387. YAZID SUFAAT (Joe; Abu Zufar)*; 20.01.1964 г.р., Johor, Malaysia.

388. YOUCEF ABBES (Giuseppe)*; 05.01.1965 г.р., Bab el Oued, Algeria.

389. YOUSSEF BEN ABDUL BAKI BEN YOUCEF ABDAOUI (Abu Abdullah; Abdellah; Abdullah; Abou Abdullah; Abdullah Youssef)*; 04.09.1966 г.р., Kairouan (Tunisia).

390. YULDASHEV TOHIR (Yuldashev Takhir)*.

391. YUNOS UMPARA MOKLIS (Muklis Yunos; Saifullah Mukhlis Yunos; Mukhlis Yunos; Saifulla Moklis Yunos; Hadji Onos)*; 07.07.1966 г.р., Lanao del Sur, Philippines.


393. ZAINI ZAKARIA (Ahmad)*; 16.05.1967 г.р., Kelantan, Malaysia.

394. ZAKARYA ESSABAR*; 13.04.1977 г.р., Essaouria / Morocco.

395. ZAKI EZAT ZAKI AHMED (Rif’at Salim; Abu Usama)*; 21.04.1960 г.р., Sharqiyah, Egypt.

396. ZAKI-UR-REHMAN LAKHVI (Zakir Rehman Lakvi; Zaki Ur-Rehman Lakvi; Kaki Ur-Rehman; Zakir Rehman; Abu Waheed Irshad Ahmad Arshad; Chachajee)*; 30.12.1960 г.р., Okara, Pakistan.

397. ZAYN AL-ABIDIN MUHAMMAD HUSSEIN (Abd Al-Hadi Al-Wahab; Zain Al-Abidin Muhammad Husain; Abu Zubaydah; Tariq Hani; Zayn Al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn; Zeinulabideen Muhammed Husein Abu Zubeidah; Abu Zubaida)*; 12.03.1971 г.р., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

398. ZIA-UR-RAHMAN MADANI (Ziaurrahman Madani; Zaia u Rahman Madani; Madani Saheb)*; 1960 г.р., Taliqan, Takhar province, Afghanistan.

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400. ZULKEPLI BIN MARZUKI*; 03.07.1968 г.р., Selangor, Malaysia.

401. ZULKIFLI ABDUL HIR (Musa Abdul Hir; Muslimin Abdulmotalib; Salim Alombra; Armand Escalante; Normina Hashim; Henri Lawi; Hendri Lawi; Norhana Mohamad; Omar Salem; Ahmad Shobirin; Bin Abdul Hir Zulkifli; Abdulhir Bin Hir; Hassan; Hogalu; Hugalu; Lagu; Marwan)*; 05.01.1966 г.р., MuarJohor, Malaysia. DOB: a) 5 Jan. 1966 b) 5 Oct. 1966.


June 27, 2011

Netanyahu, Nasrallah and their words of death

By Hamid Dabashi

Nasrallah and Netanyahu each walk a tyrannical path as a pair of outdated warriors.

As with the two households of fair Verona, where from ancient grudge breaks new mutiny, the fate of Hassan Nasrallah is tied with his raison d’être, the garrison state of Israel. As a perfectly legitimate political project, Hezbollah emerged in the aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, giving momentum and purpose to the cause of millions of Lebanese Shia categorically disenfranchised from the pathologically sectarian politics of Lebanon – a gift of French colonialism that keeps giving. For close to three decades, Hezbollah has defended both the cause of the Lebanese Shia and the territorial integrity of Lebanon with steadfast determination – outmaneuvering the expansionist Jewish state, giving a renewed significance to asymmetrical warfare, whereby they have indeed managed to defeat the mighty army at their own game.But today, the Arab Spring has altered the very DNA of the geopolitics of the region. Nasrallah banks and thrives on Israel. But Israel is today in far more serious trouble than before, and picking a war with Hezbollah is not going to save its fragile future. After President Obama merely mentioned the term “1967 borders”, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to give the US congress a full frontal AIPAC attack to assure himself (in vain) that he is still calling the shots. He is not. The Arab Spring is. Hamas leadership, as a result, has been infinitely wiser than Nasrallah in immediately reading the Arab Spring correctly and rushing for a rapprochement with Fatah and the Palestinian Authority – much to the chagrin of not just the Israeli leadership, but in fact of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its client project Hezbollah.

Changing geopolitics

Nasrallah’s predicament in Lebanon cannot be any cause of celebration for Israel. Quite to the contrary: “The only democracy in the Middle East” is frightened out of its wits by the prospects of democracy in the Middle East. As you can tell from Netanyahu’s merry-go-round in Washington DC in late May 2011, Israel is even more in trouble because of the Arab Spring. Israel and Hezbollah are the mirror images of each other: a sectarian militia adjacent to a troubled border of the Jewish state is a perfect justification for continued violent bluster. Two identical sectarianisms, two belligerent parties, can only understand the language of sectarian violence. That language is now exposed for the banality of evil that it espouses. Today, that language no longer speaks to masses of millions of human beings (if it ever did) arisen – in the magnificent words of Egyptians – for their huriyya, adalah al-ijtima’iyah, and karama [“Freedom, social justice, and dignity”]. Nasrallah’s speeches in defence of Bashar al-Assad and Ayatollah Khamenei in fact echo Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the US congress in May 2011 – desperate attempts by two outdated warriors, each clinging desperately to the illusion of their respective power bases.

That Israel is in trouble is also evident by the way Pro-Israeli Americans are busy dismissing, when not frightened by, the Arab Spring. Ted Koppel is now pleading on behalf of Israel to come to Saudi’s help. US allies can no longer rely on the US, Ted Koppel complains – he leaves it to your imagination that all these Arab allies are corrupt tyrannies. In figures like Ted Koppel, liberal Americans are completely outed for siding unabashedly with their conservative counterparts in actively opposing the rise of any democracy in the region – an eventuality that will ipso facto expose Israel for its constitutionally anti-democratic will in the region – and thus its cozy relationships with pro-US dictators like Ben Ali and Mubarak, and especially with the patrimonial tribalism in Saudi Arabia. “The canary in the coal mine on such matters,” Ted Koppel moans,” is Israel. None of America’s allies is more sensitive to even the most subtle changes in the international environment, or more conscious of the slightest hint of diminished support from Washington.” He is absolutely right – and that is the price a colonial settlement pays for making itself contingent on the combined calamity of globalised imperialism and localised tyranny.

Ted Koppel pulled out his card of having reported “for 40 years from the Middle East” to assure that Wall Street reads that the Israelis “were anything but restrained in voicing their concerns”. But the golden subordinate clause is here: “Overshadowing all other concerns is the fear that Iran is poised to reap enormous benefits from the so-called Arab Spring. ‘Even without nukes,’ one top official told me, ‘Iran picks up the pieces. With nukes, it takes the house.'” Indeed, “the so-called Arab Spring!” Koppel (who will go down in history precisely for that “so-called”) and his Israeli friends are still flogging the dead horse of Iran’s nuclear program, desperate to pull the evolving events back to the status quo ante, away from “the so-called Arab Spring”. Iran itself is out of step with the Arab Spring, as much as – if not more than – Israel. But Koppel could not care less about the Islamic Republic. Koppel’s recommendations on behalf of Israel are positively pathetic: “Just as enemies such as Iran need to be cautioned, America’s traditional allies need to be reassured. That’s why Israeli officials are recommending a Marshall Plan for Egypt. The overthrow of Hosni Mubarak may have been no loss in the annals of democracy, but under Mr Mubarak Egypt was a pillar of stability and a reliable if not always warm partner for Israel.” Tahrir Square, Mr Koppel, look it up on Google Map! That pillar went up in smoke, and masses of millions of brave Egyptians have just forced their military to open Rafah crossing. Imagine that.

‘Zionism has gone too far’

With friends like Ted Koppel and the AIPAC-padded US Congress, Israel needs no enemies. The geopolitics of the region is changing, and Ted Koppel and company have no clue in which way. The Islamic Republic of Iran is losing both its allies and its nemesis, so is Israel, and so is the United States. These revolutions are happening across the board – in countries hostile to the United States and Israel and in climes friendly to them. The net result is not just the fact that the Islamic Republic is losing the power it had not gained but inherited; but that the United States is losing the power it had gained, not merited. Israel is now completely exposed, and there is no weapon on planet earth (or beyond) that AIPAC can procure for the Jewish state from the United States that can protect it from what is coming its way. Nothing could defeat Zionism – the Zionist pact with US imperialism, turning the Jewish garrison state into the largest aircraft carrier on the Mediterranean, made sure of that. But Zionism went just too far in its greed and began swallowing its own logic, and stole so much of Palestine that has now finally got indigestion.

What is coming Israel’s way is not a military attack, or a terrorist strike, in the violent language that the apartheid state understands and speaks very eloquently. What is coming its way is not even more flotilla of brave peace activists its navy can murder with impunity and then launch a propaganda campaign to blame the victims (that too is an art Israel has perfected). What is coming its way is something entirely different, for which Israel is never prepared. Imagine masses of millions of Egyptians just walking from Tahrir to Jerusalem. Then what? Not with guns, or tanks and such – but with bread and water and food and medicine for millions of Palestinians incarcerated in their own homeland.

That is not a threat – that is an eventuality: if not by Egyptians then by Palestinians themselves. Early in June, Haaretz reported, the Israel Defense Forces Northern Command was “on high alert … ahead of a possible attempt by thousands of Palestinian refugees from the Damascus area to storm the border of the Golan Heights as a way of marking Nakba Day, the anniversary of the beginning of the Six-Day War.” The critical part of the story was that the march was cancelled by pressure from Hezbollah! “Pressure from Hezbollah,” Haaretz reported, “which does not want escalation with Israel, apparently also played a part in the cancellation of marches, as did pressure on the Lebanese army by United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.”

The real resistance

Haaretz is wrong in its assessment that Hezbollah wants to avoid confrontation with Israel. Why would it? It thrives at the prospects of such confrontations. Hezbollah’s leadership was opposed to the Palestinian initiative because it did not sponsor it, for it is outside its domain, and above all it is beyond its imagination. The non-violent character of it, which would render Israel defenceless, would put Hezbollah out of business too. Both Israel and Hezbollah are always ready for violent encounters, and never for nonviolent emancipation from the politics of despair they have spent all their history fostering.

The Arab and Muslim world is changing and with it the mood of Palestinian resistance – the real “resistance”, and in a spirit beyond the comprehension of both Zionism and militant Islamism. “Freedom, justice, dignity and equality are the demands of a new generation of Palestinians,” according to Hazem Abu Hilal, a young Palestinian activist, “seeking to redefine their national struggle in a way that could threaten both Israel and their own leadership”. This generation will not allow not just their own corrupt leadership but, a fortiori, Hezbollah leadership and the Syrian and Iranian regimes to take advantage of their struggles. “As far as we are concerned, our issue is one of rights,” say Hazem Abu Hilal. “It’s not that important if there is a state or not. What matters is securing these four demands. We suffer from racial discrimination, we suffer from restrictions, and we don’t have the freedom to move. We are talking about a human rights movement.” While people are still debating the one-state or two-state solution, Palestinians are speaking the language of no-state solution. Hasan Nasrallah, Ali Khamenei, and Bashar al-Assad have no claim to “resistance”, when Palestinians defined it in these terms. And this resistance frightens Netanyahu and his neocon supporters in the US out of their wits. There is no weapon in the US arsenal that AIPAC can buy against that resistance. It is called non-violent civil disobedience, demanding and exacting civil liberties.

Will the Israelis have the courage to think themselves outside the apartheid walls they have built around their bodies and souls so thick and foreboding, outside the garrison state, outside the nightmare of Zionism?

Imagining a world otherwise

“The difference between the Arab uprisings and Syria,” Hassan Nasrallah surmises, “is that President Assad is convinced that reforms are necessary, unlike Bahrain and other Arab countries.” It no longer matters if “President Assad” is or is not convinced of anything. He stopped being “the president” of Syria when his security and military forces shot the first bullets at defenceless Syrians. There is not an iota of difference between what Syrian people want and what the rest of the Arabs want: the dignity of self-representation in a free and democratic republic. The Syrian uprising is integral to the Arab Spring, and after Egypt it will be its greatest achievement. And so far the Syrian junta has acted even worse than the corrupt regimes in Bahrain and Yemen combined. The trouble with Hassan Nasrallah and Benjamin Netanyahu is symptomatic of a larger malady that has now afflicted even segments of the Arab and Muslim left that cannot quite bring to themselves to denounce the criminal atrocities of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, for, they say in moments of astounding banality, they should not denounce “the resistance”. The depth of moral depravity and intellectual bankruptcy of such a position is hard to fathom.

As tired cliches and old politicians are lagging behind, Arabs and Muslims from one corner of their world to another are leading the way and shining like a rare gem, as the measure of all the mixed metallurgy of their leaders and intellectuals. Hassan Nasrallah stopped being a revolutionary leader and joined the ranks of corrupt politicians of the sort of Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi, and the rest of them long before he sided with the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad and when he sided with the vicious regime of Ali Khamenei. But that hypocrisy has now hit home, and it has hit hard, and it has discredited not just the thuggish opportunism that has passed for revolutionary leadership – but the bankrupt intellectuals who lack the moral imagination to match their people’s courage. The blood of every innocent Syrian falling to the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad is now on the hands not just of Hassan Nasrallah but of every single Arab intellectual who does not come unequivocally to side against him and Assad, in solidarity with the noble Syrian people joining the liberating flowering of the Arab Spring.

Hamid Dabashi is Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York. He is the author, most recently, of Shi’ism: A Religion of Protest (Harvard University Press, 2011).   

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent this blog’s editorial policy.

Source: Al Jazeera
June 26, 2011

David Virgil Dafinoiu

David Virgil Dafinoiu

June 24, 2011

U.S. Military Working to Produce Drones the Size of Insects

War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs (New York Times):

Two miles from the cow pasture where the Wright Brothers learned to fly the first airplanes, military researchers are at work on another revolution in the air: shrinking unmanned drones, the kind that fire missiles into Pakistan and spy on insurgents in Afghanistan, to the size of insects and birds.

The base’s indoor flight lab is called the “microaviary,” and for good reason. The drones in development here are designed to replicate the flight mechanics of moths, hawks and other inhabitants of the natural world. “We’re looking at how you hide in plain sight,” said Greg Parker, an aerospace engineer, as he held up a prototype of a mechanical hawk that in the future might carry out espionage or kill.

Half a world away in Afghanistan, Marines marvel at one of the new blimplike spy balloons that float from a tether 15,000 feet above one of the bloodiest outposts of the war, Sangin in Helmand Province. The balloon, called an aerostat, can transmit live video — from as far as 20 miles away — of insurgents planting homemade bombs. “It’s been a game-changer for me,” Capt. Nickoli Johnson said in Sangin this spring. “I want a bunch more put in.”

From blimps to bugs, an explosion in aerial drones is transforming the way America fights and thinks about its wars. Predator drones, the Cessna-sized workhorses that have dominated unmanned flight since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, are by now a brand name, known and feared around the world. But far less widely known are the sheer size, variety and audaciousness of a rapidly expanding drone universe, along with the dilemmas that come with it.

“What it’s doing out here is nothing special,” said Dr. Parker, the aerospace engineer. The researchers are using the helicopter to test technology that would make it possible for a computer to fly, say, a drone that looks like a dragonfly. “To have a computer do it 100 percent of the time, and to do it with winds, and to do it when it doesn’t really know where the vehicle is, those are the kinds of technologies that we’re trying to develop,” Dr. Parker said.

The push right now is developing “flapping wing” technology, or recreating the physics of natural flight, but with a focus on insects rather than birds. Birds have complex muscles that move their wings, making it difficult to copy their aerodynamics. Designing insects is hard, too, but their wing motions are simpler. “It’s a lot easier problem,” Dr. Parker said.

In February, researchers unveiled a hummingbird drone, built by the firm AeroVironment for the secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which can fly at 11 miles per hour and perch on a windowsill. But it is still a prototype. One of the smallest drones in use on the battlefield is the three-foot-long Raven, which troops in Afghanistan toss by hand like a model airplane to peer over the next hill.

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June 24, 2011

DHS – Mexico: The Sinaloa Drug Cartel

The powerful confederation of Mexican DTOs known as the Sinaloa cartel controls the majority of Mexico’s marijuana and methamphetamine production and distribution, as well as cocaine trafficking from South and Central American producers into the United States across the U.S. southwest border.

The Sinaloa cartel conducts business with powerful U.S. gangs that largely control local drug distribution. As one of the most powerful cartels operating in Mexico, it has expanded operations throughout western Mexico and attempted to take control of new plazas from weaker organizations.

Arrests of high-level members have not fractured the cartel or caused infighting—as was the case with several of its rivals—likely because of the cartel’s stable revenue sources, decentralized structure, family-based culture, and geographic breadth, which all contribute to its preeminence.

Source: DHS

June 24, 2011

China Warned N.Korea Against Attacking the South

China Warned N. Korea Against Attacking the South

China clearly warned North Korea that South Korea would retaliate if the North carries out another provocation, President Lee Myung-bak said yesterday.

At a lunch meeting with members of the parliamentary Defense Committee, Lee said the Chinese government informed him that the comments were “delivered to North Korea,” according lawmakers who were there.

“President Lee said North Korea would not be able to carry out further acts of provocation and added that China officially notified our government that it would no longer help the North if it did that,” one committee member said.

June 24, 2011

China warns US to stay out of maritime spat

China on Wednesday warned the United States to stay out of the deepening territorial spat in the South China Sea and accused other countries in the region of provocation, a report said.

Vice foreign minister Cui Tiankai said neighbouring countries, including Vietnam, were responsible for recent incidents in the disputed waters and dismissed calls for Washington to play a greater role in resolving tensions .

“I believe some countries now are playing with fire. And I hope the US won’t be burned by this fire,” Cui was quoted by the Wall Street Journal saying.

Tensions between China and other rival claimants to the strategically vital waters — home to two potentially oil-rich archipelagos, the Paracels and Spratlys — have escalated in recent weeks.

The Philippines and Vietnam in particular have expressed alarm at what they say are increasingly aggressive actions by China in the disputed area, but Beijing has repeatedly said it was committed to resolving the issue peacefully.

US Senator John McCain on Monday called for Washington to expand military and political support to Southeast Asian nations to stand up to China over the increasingly volatile issue.

But Cui — speaking ahead of weekend talks in Hawaii with US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell on Asia-Pacific affairs — said Washington should limit itself to urging “more restraint and responsible behaviour from those countries that have been frequently taking provocative actions”.

“Some American friends may think the US can provide some help. We appreciate the gesture, but sometimes such help can only make things more complicated,” he was quoted saying.

Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea did not interfere with other countries’ right to travel in the hotly contested waters — but maintained its sovereignty in the area.

“China’s maintenance of sovereignty in the South China Sea and rising interest will never influence the freedom of navigation of other countries in the South China Sea,” Hong told reporters.

“There has never been a problem with freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.”

By Torsten Blackwood | AFP News – Wed, Jun 22, 2011

June 24, 2011

UK Banks Investigated for Enabling “Politically Sensitive” Money Laundering

UK watchdog probes two banks over money laundering (Reuters):

Two banks in Britain are being investigated for lax money-laundering controls and others are likely to be handling the proceeds of corruption and other financial crime, the financial regulator said on Wednesday.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) said it had referred two banks to its enforcement division for “serious weaknesses” in how they managed “high-risk” customers, including those whose public status made them vulnerable to corruption.

“We are considering whether further regulatory action is required in relation to other banks, and further cases may be referred for enforcement,” the FSA added as it published a review of how banks manage money-laundering risks.

In a damning report, the FSA said some banks appeared unwilling to turn away or exit very profitable business relationships, even when there appeared to be an unacceptable risk of handling the proceeds of crime.

FSA warns over lax bank controls (

The City watchdog is considering punishing two banks after it found serious lapses in their checks on politically sensitive potential money launderers.

The Financial Services Authority said yesterday that some banks had risked handling criminal money rather than turn away business from wealthy high-risk customers.

The FSA said three quarters of banks sampled did not do enough to make sure customers’ wealth was legitimate and that they knew where the money was coming from.

UK FSA Acts On Alleged Money Laundering Errors At Banks (Dow Jones):

Two banks operating in the U.K. face fines and censure for allegedly failing to guard against possible customer money laundering, the U.K. Financial Services Authority said Wednesday, after a review of 27 banks turned up “serious weaknesses” in banks’ risk controls.

It said the two banks referred to its enforcement division had apparently not done enough to manage high-risk customers, and that it is considering action against additional banks.

In a separate case, the FSA last year fined Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (RBS) GBP5.6 million for breaking money-laundering rules requiring the thorough screening of customers and their payments against a U.K. sanctions list. RBS at the time said it brought the matter to the attention of the FSA and had improved its systems.

An FSA spokesman said he couldn’t comment on which banks are involved in the new cases. The study included eight major banks and 19 midsize and smaller banks, all with significant international activities that expose them to money-laundering risk.

June 24, 2011

DHS – Mexico: Sonora Based Threats to U.S. Border Security

Unclassified/For Official Use Only

DHS – Mexico: Sonora Threats to U.S. Border Security